Background Check Testimonials

Background Check Testimonials

Please read our testimonials below from our very satisfied customers.

“I really cannot say enough positive things when it comes to the customer service with Crimcheck. We are constantly being made a priority. I know that if I need something in a hurry they will do everything in their power to make it happen. We are coming upon a year with Crimcheck and I am so happy we made the switch when we did! They are outstanding and I look forward to continuing to work with them.” – Erin L., Manager of Compliance

“This system is very user friendly and I like the individual attention Crimcheck provides. Keep up the great work Crimcheck, I am one happy customer!”  – Whitley R.

“My company has been working with Crimcheck for several years and we have yet to be disappointed!! What we appreciated most about working with Crimcheck is their commitment to keep everyone happy, and deliver the expected results and then some. The customer service Crimcheck provides is top quality – from the initial request to the rushed orders, their support team are active listeners and always understanding our unique requirements and requests. Their commitment to our company as a customer allows us to provide our customers with up to date, detailed Background Checks in a timely manner. ~Thanks for all you do!!~.” – Takilla

“Since our company is in the staffing world, we utilize background checks on a daily basis while screening and recruiting applicants during the employment process. Our company would not be able to effectively screen our employees without their comprehensive criminal background check service. The background checks are thorough, and the turnaround is always fast even we put in last minute requests!  Through their hard work and dedication, their team has proven to be reliable, dependable, and readily available for all of background screening needs.  Crimcheck is, by far, a five star company!” – Rebecca K.

I am a fan of Crimcheck!  The website is extremely user-friendly, the results are timely and best of all, the customer service is second-to-none.  I would highly recommend Crimcheck to anyone looking for a reliable background check company.” – Ashley S.

“The staff at Crimcheck demonstrates a true sense of going ‘above and beyond’ for their clients. Any time I have a question that ranges from a drug screen to international education verifications, I always receive prompt response that is both helpful and educational for future reference. Kayla, Amanda, and Nikki are consistent in making sure that any concerns I have are taken care of, and if they don’t know the answer they find someone who does. This really is an incredible company and I am so grateful that they are a part of MSO’s Compliance process. Thanks guys!” – Amy S.

“Everything worked out fine with our first background check.  I was able to navigate the website fine to get my information. I appreciate knowing that you guys are there when any questions arise.  It will be nice to talk to people right away instead of hitting a certain number to a recording hoping to find someone who can help without being passed around.” – Sharon M.

“We have been with Crimcheck since 2011 and have enjoyed working with their representatives! They are always pleasant, helpful, and accommodating to our requests. Crimcheck’s methods to ensure ACRT employs the right candidates are essential to our hiring process. We appreciate the efficient and in-depth background investigations that we consistently receive. The new client portal makes accessing information both speedy and effortless. We look forward to continuing our relationship!” – Lucija L.