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Criminal Justice Scholarship

The Melissa Linville Criminal Justice Scholarship

This scholarship is named in memory of Melissa M. Linville, a former beloved Crimcheck team member and friend, in order to honor and extend her legacy of charity, good works, and selflessness. During her life, Melissa touched countless lives through her service and compassion to others, her sincerity of heart, and the joy she brought to everyone surrounding her.

Criminal Justice Scholarship

Crimcheck is honored to announce the 2017 recipient of the Crimcheck Criminal Justice Scholarship award. This award was established for two purposes: to foster and support undergraduate education for the Criminal Justice career path and to reward deserving applicants who are excellent representatives of this field, both academically and in their extra-curricular pursuits. Congratulations to Y. Bridges from Texas who has been selected as this year’s recipient. Ms. Bridges will pursue a career financial crime investigation after she finishes her education. We wish her continued success in her pursuit of a Criminal Justice degree.

Crimcheck offers an annual $500 scholarship award to a student who is currently enrolled, or recent high school graduates who are pursuing post-secondary education with the goal of a career in the criminal justice field. Established in 2014, this award recognizes outstanding achievements in academics as well as a desire to make a positive difference in the world.


This scholarship is open to:

  • Students who are currently enrolled in post-secondary education or high school seniors/recent high school graduates who are pursuing post-secondary education in the criminal justice field
  • A minimum GPA of 3.0
  • Must be full time or part time students enrolled in classes for the current year.

Application Information

  • All applications (including essay) must be submitted to Scholarship @ Crimcheck (no spaces) by August 1, 2018
  • To be considered, the following must be submitted together: your information (name, email & phone), transcript of proof of enrollment & a 1-2 page essay (details below)
  • Winner will be selected on August 15, 2018
  • Applications must include a 1-2 page essay describing the applicant’s ambition and goals in the criminal justice field and describing the reason for choosing a career in the criminal justice field,  long term goals, and how the scholarship will help meet those goals


Crimcheck will review essays for the following criteria:

  • Ambitiousness and desire to be a part of the Criminal Justice field
  • Demonstration of knowledge and commitment to a career in the criminal justice field
  • Does the applicant demonstrate leadership and willingness to learn

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