Since 1991 Crimcheck has been offering customized and award-winning background checks on behalf of over 12,000 companies across diverse sectors. We are one of only a select few (10%) background screening companies that holds the acclaimed PBSA Accreditation. Crimcheck is also one of only 62 companies throughout the United States that has been accredited by them.  With over 900 background check companies in the U.S. and more than 700 PBSA members, we are proud of this achievement.

Within our wide range of screening options, Crimcheck offers sector-specific tools to provide a comprehensive report. Within the healthcare sector, we include SanctionsCheck TM   a comprehensive database which searches and identifies individuals who are excluded from participation in federal and state healthcare programs, such as Medicare and Medicaid. Our clients within the staffing industry have reported the following benefits as compared with our competitors: 36% reduction in poor hires, 32% reduction in employee turnover and 18% decrease in turnaround time to obtained background check reports.

We are proud of our 99% customer satisfaction rate which is why we are the honored recipients of the prestigious HRO Baker’s Dozen Customer Satisfaction award by the in recognition of the high caliber of our background screening services. Or proprietary platform features all the latest technological innovations, including direct integrations, such as with leading ATS providers. 

We offer 100% U.S. based customer support that strives to establish long term relationships with our clients by offering extended hours and live support—not a call center.

You have many choices when it comes to pre employment screeners. Crimcheck stands out from the rest with our leading edge technology, our expertise and knowledge of the legislation that effects our clients, and our brilliant customer service.

Crimcheck protects your company’s brand, and the people that make that brand a success.

Below is a list of the pre-employment background check items Crimcheck offers over our competitors.

Searches for criminal records at both the County (felony and reduced misdemeanors) and ALL lower courts (misdemeanors)

Social Security Number Trace at No Extra Charge

Sexual Offender Database Search at No Extra Charge

Unlimited Jurisdictions at No Extra Charge

Live Customer Service

Customized Integrations with HRIS Systems

Instant Account Setup

Available Applicant Initiated Input and Applicant Pay

Bundled Pricing