When you need to hire multiple candidates at once in a short amount of time, you most likely have your hands full before even getting to the background screening step. Take a deep breath and relax. With Crimcheck’s eFetch Ease you will not only save money, but the precious resource of time.

How Can eFetch Ease Help You?

  • SAVES TIME. Instead of filling out candidate information one by one, you simply upload an Excel spreadsheet to your eFetch Client Portal and within only an hour all applicants will appear in your client portal ready to be processed by Crimcheck.
  • MINIMIZE COSTLY TYPOS AND MISTAKES. By uploading all candidates at once, the amount of routine data entry errors will go down.

Who Needs to Use eFetch Ease?

  • Companies going through unexpected employee audits by an insurance carrier.
  • Camps hiring employees and volunteers to work with children.
  • Companies hiring multiple new employees during the holiday season.
  • Organizations or nonprofits that require yearly updates on background screenings for members, employees or volunteers.
  • Companies who conduct annual drug tests.
  • Businesses who require yearly annual verification to use a company vehicle.
  • Newly established churches, businesses or non-profits who are hiring for the first time.
  • Entities with government contracts that require yearly audits of their employee’s background screenings.
  • Job Fair participants hiring multiple candidates.

How Does eFetch Ease Work?

  • Once you have received authorization forms from each individual candidate you will input each candidate’s information on an Excel spreadsheet.
  • Once the spreadsheet is complete and all candidates have been added, you will upload the spreadsheet to your eFetch Ease Client Portal. Within one hour you will see each of your candidates listed in the portal ready for processing by Crimcheck.
  • Results will be available in your Client Portal in minutes in some cases.

Need Help with That Excel Spreadsheet?

All information must be submitted in an Excel Spreadsheet. Each piece of information must be placed into a separate column.

Required Information:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Social Security Number
  • Driver’s License Number (if ordering MVR)
  • Driver’s License State (if ordering MVR)

Optional Information:

  • Middle Name
  • Current Address Line 1
  • Current Address Line 2
  • Current Address City
  • Current Address State
  • Current Address Zip Code
  • Previous Address Line 1
  • Previous Address Line 2
  • Previous Address City
  • Previous Address State
  • Previous Address Zip Code

*For examples please contact support for a Sample Excel Template Standard Layout and Sample Excel Template Standard Layout with MVR.

High volume recruitment is time consuming so as soon as qualified candidates are identified, your company will want to onboard as quickly as possible. Crimcheck’s eFetch Ease™ is a cost-saving and time efficient tool when conducting bulk background screens. Rather than submitting individual names, your HR team can simply upload an Excel spreadsheet to your eFetch Client portal and within an hour all candidates will appear in the portal and be immediately processed.

In some cases, results from the bulk screens can be available in your Client Portal within minutes. An additional benefit is that uploading the Excel spreadsheet with all candidate names will minimize costly typos and spelling mistakes that can occur during repetitive data entry of individual names.

Crimcheck’s eFetch Ease is perfect for HR Professionals, yearly audits, camps, schools, job fairs, annual data reporting, churches, nonprofits, start-up companies and more. Crimcheck’s bulk background check order processing is offered in multiple different packages.

From the Crimcheck Basic Package offering a social security number trace, a National Sex Offender registry check to a National Criminal Database check to our more comprehensive packages. Crimcheck will find the right background check solution for your business needs.