eFetch Ease – Batch Order Processing

eFetch Ease – Batch Order Processing

Do you have a large quantity of applicants that need employment screening services performed at once? Do you have an audit or an annual need to process multiple background checks at one time? Crimcheck now has the ability to process bulk orders. eFetch EaseTM – Batch Order Processing saves time by allowing you to easily submit all applicants and their information at once on an Excel spreadsheet. You simply upload the spreadsheet to your eFetch Client Portal and within one hour all applicants will appear as an order in your client portal and will be processing in our office.

Crimcheck can customize a spreadsheet to fit your needs and save you time by automating the data entry.

The Excel Spreadsheet

All information must be submitted in an Excel Spreadsheet. Each piece of information must be placed into a separate column.

Required Information:

First Name

Last Name

Date of Birth

Social Security Number

Driver’s License Number (if ordering MVR)

Driver’s LicenseState (if ordering MVR)

Optional Information:

Middle Name

Current Address Line 1

Current Address Line 2



Current Address Zip Code

Previous Address Line 1

Previous Address Line 2

Previous AddressCity

Previous AddressState

Previous Address Zip Code

*For examples please see the Related Downloadable Documents of Sample Excel Template Standard Layout and Sample Excel Template Standard Layout with MVR.

 eFetch EaseTM – Batch Order Processing is perfect for:

  • Yearly Audits
  • Camps
  • Schools
  • Job Fairs
  • Annual data reporting

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