Having integrated background screening services through HR software is an efficient way for all team members to keep up-to-date with regard to candidate status during the onboarding process. The data obtained from the screen is highly important when making a hiring decision, and can be important to revisit even post-hire. 

Depending on specific industry regulations, it may also be necessary to access this information contained in the background screen for compliance purposes.

Being able to access data from the background screen through the Human Resource Information Software (HRIS) saves time and enables your company to hire top talent while ensuring that they have been carefully vetted.

If your company already uses an HRIS, it’s easy to integrate your background screenings with Crimcheck! We offer multiple types of integration with top-rated HRIS providers. Our services include:

  • Crimcheck XML Advanced Integration
  • Crimcheck Simple Integration
  • 3rd Party HRIS Integrations such as Taleo/Oracle

Direct XML Advanced Integration

Our custom XML integration allow you to send and receive screening requests via XML. Seamlessly integrate all of Crimcheck’s screening features and functionalities directly into your internal systems. Whether you are doing a simple criminal check or you need a comprehensive due diligence check our web services can handle it. Some of the features of our XML integrations include:

  • Send almost any service request
  • Use your predefined packages in your requests
  • Check the status of your requests
  • Receive our standard predefined screening report in Adobe PDF format or
  • Receive a completely customizable report

Crimcheck Simple Integration

If you need a simple, fast integration the iFrame integration may be the route you want to take. It allows you to quickly place a few lines of code into your existing system to pull information such as:

  • Applicant request status
  • List of services requested per applicant
  • Progress of applicant link per applicant

3rd Party Human Resource Information System Integration

Crimcheck works with various HRIS vendors to integrate directly into your existing HRIS system. Please contact us to find out if your HRIS is supported.