Pre-Employment Check Technology

Pre-Employment Check Technology

Integrate with Crimcheck

No matter the system or technology your business uses Crimcheck can integrate with your custom software or HRIS to save you time and money.. learn more

Crimcheck Applicant Link & Applicant Pay

Have contractors that need to cover the cost of a background check? Have them submit their information directly and pay upfront using Crimcheck’s Applicant Link and Applicant Pay system.. learn more

Automated Adverse Action Notification for FCRA compliance

Crimcheck can automate your adverse action notification process.  Let us help you remain compliant with the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Branch Ordering and Administration

We can customize your profile so that branch offices can place orders and have results sent only to your corporate office, or any other configuration you need.

eFetch Ease – Batch Order Processing

Do you have an audit or an annual need to process a large quantity of background check requests?  Your client portal allows easy access to our bulk order platform.

Crimcheck Analytics

Real-time reporting and analytics on your account. Impress the executives and make better screening decisions with detailed breakdowns of your screening data.

Crimcheck Analytics