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Background Screening Do's And Don'ts For Staffing Companies (or any industry).

Background screening lawsuits are increasing fast in just about ever sector. However, they are presenting particular challenges in the staffing space. Get best practice tips for protecting your business and your brand.

Attorney Scott M. Paler, Chair of the Background Screening Practice Group at DeWitt LLP, will help you navigate the world of background screening compliance and risk management in this webinar.

>> Please note: the items covered are applicable to other non-staffing industries.

Here is what will be covered in this FREE weekly series:

  • Part 1: A Changing Legal Environment and the Importance of Background Screening.
  • Part 2: Why Staffing Companies are Particularly Vulnerable Targets (fill out the form below to receive this link TODAY!)
  • Week 1: Tip #1 Review and Revise Written Consent Paperwork.
  • Week 2: Tip #2 Double Check Summary of Rights Notice.
  • Week 3: Tip #3 Confirm Compliance with FCRA Adverse Action Procedures.
  • Week 4: Tip #4 Exercise Caution with Client Agreement Language.
  • Week 5: Tip #5 Sharing Reports with Clients is Risky.
  • Week 6: Tip #6 Consider Getting Indemnification from Clients.
  • Week 7: Tip #7 Make Sure to Keep EEOC Guidance and State Law Restrictions in Mind.
  • Week 8: Tip #8 Review EPLI Policy Closely.
  • Week 9: Q & A.

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