Educational Background Checks

Educational Background Checks

For educational institutions, the creation of a safe and trusted learning environment for employees, faculty, students, and visitors is crucial. The safety of your students and the reputation and integrity of your institution is your top most concern. Crimcheck specializes in providing screening solutions for educational institutions, with specialized service packages designed with your school’s safety in mind. Crimcheck provides screening services to some of the leading universities and colleges, public schools, charter schools, and trade schools in the United States.

Crimcheck also provides screening solutions for prospective students. Many institutions have affiliations with organizations such as clinical or other applied learning sites for student internships. In some cases, regional laws requires criminal background checks on their personnel, including volunteers, which may include student trainees.

A learning institution requires consistent, accurate screening solutions. Crimcheck can provide the expertise that helps provide a screening program that fits the needs of your school.

Customizable packages can include services such as:

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