Healthcare Industry Background Checks

Healthcare Industry Background Checks

Background Checks for the Healthcare Industry

Crimcheck specializes in pre-employment screening services for the Healthcare Industry.  With over 20 years of experience, Crimcheck has extensive knowledge and expertise regarding Healthcare compliance including both Sanctions/Exclusions screening and FCRA compliant background checks. Crimcheck helps your organization to hire only the best candidates, and to reduce organizational risk.

Sanctions CheckSanctionsCheck™

SanctionsCheck™ is a comprehensive database which searches and identifies individuals who are excluded from participation in federal and state health care programs, such as Medicare and Medicaid.

Providers and employers in the healthcare industry count on Crimcheck to protect their brand and ensure the safety of patients and staff. SanctionsCheck™ sanctions and exclusions search enables organizations to comply with sanctions screening requirements in a multi-state environment and with large amounts of data, including an adjudication process that provides a finished product in a short time frame. More about SanctionsCheck™ here.

Recommended Services for Healthcare Providers:

Drug Testing Services from Crimcheck

  • All drug tests are certified MRO reviewed
  • Paperless chain of custody available & Paperless Testing
  • Tests available for 5 panel, 10 panel & DOT
  • Results available online
  • Fast Turnaround
  • Easily Accessible Labs Available Throughout the United States

Crimcheck can design a custom drug testing program to meet your needs. We offer hair and urine testing, breath alcohol, 5, 6, 7, 10 and 12 panel tests and more specialized when required.

Sanctions CheckWhy Crimcheck?

Crimcheck provides you with the most accurate background screening services available. Our reports are 100% FCRA compliant, and our specialized services for healthcare facilities such as SanctionsCheck provide you with the utmost protection and risk management.

Our Team is REAL People doing REAL Background Checks. When you call our office, you will speak with a team member immediately, and your question will be answered. There is no maze of voice mail to navigate.

Our Data is Accurate.  We do not rely on inferior databases for our information – our record searches occur at the court level. Unlike many other providers, we search courts both at the county and municipal levels – giving you the most comprehensive results available.

Our Technology is Ahead of the Curve.  Our eFetch client portal allows for real-time viewing of report status, batch uploads, advance client reporting, and easy input and ease of use.

We Specialize in Screening for the Healthcare Industry. Crimcheck provides screening and compliance services to some of the largest healthcare systems, assisted living facilities, and healthcare service providers in the United States. We work with you to ensure your compliance and screening programs are integrated, and that they provide the utmost in protection and risk mitigation for your organization.

Statistics for Background Screening in the Healthcare Industry

According to a recent report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, hiring in the Healthcare Industry is trending upward. Recent reporting indicates that more than 25 percent of the new jobs created in this country between now and 2018 will be in health care. An additional 1.1 million jobs are expected in health care supported occupations. In December of last year, hiring in the Healthcare Industry rose with an increase of 45,000 job positions. Hiring also gained over 23,000 in ambulatory health care services, up 12,000 in hospitals, and up 10,000 in residential care facilities.

According to BLS employment projections, healthcare support occupations are projected to grow most rapidly in the coming decade, at 34.5 percent. Personal care and services occupations come in at 26.8 percent, with healthcare practitioners and technical occupations trailing closely at 25.9 percent.

Recent News is Constantly Reporting on the Government’s Increased Scrutiny of Healthcare Fraud

Florida Health Care Medical Director and Six Therapists Arrested for Alleged Roles in $63 Million Dollar Fraud Scheme

Ohio Spine Surgeon Charged With Medicare Fraud

Don’t let your organization and your brand suffer from the risk of a bad screening program. Recent legislation requires monthly sanction checks on existing staff in some states. Our Healthcare Sanctions database SanctionsCheck™ search is the preferred method for ensuring your program is in compliance and our Pre-employment screening services are second to none.

Sanctions Check infographic