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Home Health Care Background Checks

A home health aide is perhaps the most important position for which it is critical to hire the right person. Unlike almost any other position, one cannot afford to make a mistake when hiring a health aide.

The reason for this is that home health aides take care of the most vulnerable individuals. These include the elderly, people with disabilities or convalescents. They typically take care of these people either within their homes or in a care facility.

Wherever they take care of vulnerable individuals, home health aides often have unrestricted access to them. Usually, they are able to access these individuals’ personal spaces. In some cases, health aides are involved in the kind of care which enables them to access vulnerable people in their most private of moments e.g. when bathing them or dressing them up the elderly.

For such a position, it is necessary to hire the right person. Such a person should not just be well-trained, kind, patient and understanding; they should also be ethically and morally upright. Above all, they should not have any criminal tendencies or proclivities.

There have been nightmarish scenarios in which care providers to vulnerable individuals have turned out to be predators. There have been instances of home health care providers physically, mentally and even sexually assaulting the very people they are supposed to care about.

In such instances, the devastation isn’t just felt by the vulnerable individuals, it is also felt by other people who care about them.

Basically, hiring the wrong person to be a home health aide is tantamount to setting up the most vulnerable members of society for an onslaught of untold horrors. As such, it is essential that only the right individuals are hired.

The only way to ensure that the right individuals are hired is through an exhaustive screening process which weeds out all the wrong individuals. A critical aspect of this screening process is through the use of thorough background checks. This is where Crimcheck comes in.

Our goal is to make it extremely easy for organizations to screen would-be home health care employees. As such, we have set up a background screening services specifically targeted at home health care employees.

Crimcheck’s background checks for home health care is specifically designed to flag those characteristics which are indicators that an individual is unfit to serve in such a position.

This includes:

  • whether or not the individual has been placed on a registry for abuse, neglect, or misappropriation of a vulnerable adult
  • whether or not the individual is a registered sex offender
  • whether or not the individual has convictions for abusive behavior

These are just a few of the parameters which are covered in our home health care background checks. We can also conduct other regular background checks and verification’s including educational verification, employment verification, social security checks, and medical sanction checks.

Basically, Crimcheck offers organizations a comprehensive background screening regime designed ensure that only the right individuals get entrusted with the most vulnerable members of society. It enables organizations to access the background checks at their own convenience by packaging it all in one single background checks package.

Beyond convenience, Crimcheck has several attributes which make it perfectly positioned to provide reliable background checks. For starters, we have an illustrious history of offering quality background checks for over two and a half decades.

Ever since 1991, we have been providing reliable background checks across numerous industries, including the healthcare industry. This length of time has enabled us to develop a number of techniques for unearthing the background secrets which people are sometimes adept at hiding.

We have developed investigative procedures for getting the real truth about individuals. We conduct thorough investigations of an individual’s past going back seven years. Where necessary, we can even extend our searches longer.

We search not only the legal databases in the jurisdictions where the individual has lived, we can also send someone into their neighborhoods to speak with actual people who know him or her. This enables us to identify any recurring behavioral patterns, good or bad – something which is critically important for home health aides.

Every piece of information which we unearth undergoes a thorough vetting process. During vetting, the information is cross-checked, cross-referenced and validated from multiple sources. The end result of this thorough vetting is that every bit of information returned is 100% accurate. Therefore, any organization can use the information to make critical employment decisions while resting assured that the information they are using reliable and accurate.

Aside from the background check reports being accurate and reliable, we make the process of getting the background reports extremely simple for our clients. This is because we employ a number of automations which eliminate some of the repetitive tasks.

We also offer integration between our background system our clients’ ATS and HRMIS. This means that an organization can access our services from within their own systems. This adds an extra layer of convenience for our clients.

We also offer flexible payment options. Using our eFetch pay system, an applicant can actually cover the costs of their own background checks. They do this directly to us without giving an employer the extra hustle of getting the money and then remitting it.

Above all, Crimcheck specializes in providing legally compliant background checks. All our background checks are conducted in full compliance with the FCRA and other relevant legislations at local, state, and federal level.

In a nutshell, any organization which is looking for a reliable background screening service for home health care employees can benefit greatly from Crimcheck’s services. We can ensure that they get accurate information, within the shortest time possible and at their convenience. Above all, the background checks will be conducted in line with all legal requirements, so they won’t suffer from any legal consequences.

Therefore, if you are a healthcare organization who is looking for a reliable background checks partner to provide you with reliable checks, look no further than Crimcheck. To get in touch with us, get free background check quote.

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