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Hospitality Background Checks

Crimcheck recognizes how important guests are to the hospitality industry and your employees pay a vital role in the guests having a positive experience.

We also understand that the hotel and Lodging industry are at major risks for guest and employee safety. Everyone from housekeepers, front desks, bellmen, casters, and other employees have face to face interaction with guests, handling guest’s personal belongings and entering rooms and serving food in hotel restaurants or just being around young children.

Employee theft, violence, substance abuse and negligent hiring liability are scary but very common in the hotels, motels and resort industry. Crimcheck can help you reduce potential risks to your guests, employees, and property by performing NAPBS accredited screening services.

Recommend Services:

  • SST
  • Sex Offender
  • National Criminal Database
  • County Criminal

Additional Services:

  • Motor Vehicle Reports
  • Drug Screening
  • Credit Reports
  • References
  • International Screenings
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