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Hospitality Background Checks

The recruitment and hiring challenges for the hospitality industry are quite distinct from other industries. The interaction between staff and customers is such a critical component. Essentially, the quality of services experienced by customers will almost always depend on how your employees treat them.

A negative review by a customer following a less-than-satisfactory encounter with a bad employee can severely affect your business. Also, many businesses in the industry operate as franchises – with strict standards of employee conduct and behavior required across all franchises.

All the above creates serious challenges for recruiters. During peak seasons, temporary or seasonal workers are often hired. The pressure during these seasons is to fill positions quickly. Sometimes this happens for businesses which serve tourists – where numbers can spike.

At Crimcheck, we fully understand the unique hiring challenges faced by recruiters and business owners in the hospitality industry. We also know the risks which can arise from making bad hires. We have therefore – based on our decades of experience in the industry – designed a pre-employment screening plan for organizations operating in the hospitality industry.

Hospitality Industry Background Checks

There are certain kinds of background checks which have often been requested by hospitality organizations. They include the following:

Criminal Background Checks

The greatest risk for a hospitality industry business is having a criminal within its ranks. This person can place the safety of guests, employees and even the business assets at risk.

Our criminal background checks are designed to prevent this. We therefore conduct comprehensive investigations at local, regional and national levels. We investigate every state where the person has lived and worked to identify misdemeanors, felonies, warnings, court summons, cautions, fines and all records of interactions with the law. We basically provide you with a comprehensive profile which you can use to make hiring decisions.

Drug Screening

One of the fundamental requirements for employees in the hospitality industry is that they’re drug-free. A person who regularly consumes drugs cannot be trusted to always be in the frame of mind to handle customers in the best way possible. As such, most employers always want to conduct pre-employment drug screening.

At Crimcheck, we have developed a comprehensive drug screening program for all prospective employees. This screening regime uses the cutting-edge methodologies to detect all the substances which are normally abused by employees. We use a combination of tests including saliva analysis, urine testing, blood testing and even hair follicle analysis to detect even the faintest traces of substance abuse.

Social Media Background Checks

Another great risk for a hospitality industry business is having an employee with the wrong character attributes. This includes someone with a history of violent conduct, rude behaviors, racist attitudes, temperamental outbursts, and drug abuse, among others. Such individuals are often likely to treat guests and customers in a manner which will make them feel disrespected, harassed or unwanted.

We conduct social media background checks to highlight the character flaws which are most destructive for employees in the hospitality industry. We use a combination of Social Media searches, and the other checks highlighted below to identify personality, ethical and behavioral red flags which point to character problems.  Saving you time and money.

Other Background Checks

There are certain types of background checks for the hospitality industry which have almost become a standard in pre-employment screening.

These are also carried out as part of the background checks hospitality industry package and include:

Employment Verification – we conduct an exhaustive investigation of the applicant’s employment history. We check with every employer listed, verify the job titles and contact every reference provided.

Education Verification – we thoroughly investigate the education history recorded in an applicant’s resume. We cross-check every institution and award in order to ensure that they are real and authentic. We closely examine every detail to ensure that there are no exaggerations or misrepresentations.

Benefits of Our Hospitality Industry Checks

Whether you’re recruiting restaurant workers, hotel workers, workers for your franchise or other kinds of hospitality industry employees, our pre-employment screening can ensure that you hire the right staff and therefore:

  • Provide customers with pleasant experiences and thus increase repeat business
  • Protect customer and business property against theft
  • Protect guests and employees from rude or violent behavior
  • Reduce risks of negligent hiring lawsuits
  • Reduce incidences of employee turnover and its associated costs

Why Crimcheck?

Crimcheck has been providing pre-employment screening for companies in the hospitality industry for over two decades. Since 1991!  Throughout that time, we have developed the expertise and tools to provide the most reliable services possible. Beyond our sheer experience and longevity, we bring the following to the table:

1. Compliance with Employee Screening Standards

Every single background check is carried out in full compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) standards. We also follow all relevant legislation at local, municipal, state or federal level in all jurisdictions that we operate in. This ensures that all the background checks are carried out according to the law, and in line with the latest industry standards.

2. Customized Background Checks

At Crimcheck, we realize that each organization has a unique set of needs. Even two organizations within the same line of business in a given locality (e.g. two restaurants right next to each other) will have distinct needs. All our background checks are tailored to the specific needs of each client. This ensures that you not only get precisely what you need, it also saves you from paying for what you do not need.

3. Quick Turnaround

We realize that recruitment in the hospitality industry can often happen quite quickly. This occurs when a staff member quits suddenly or an unexpected spike in customer numbers requires a boosting of staff numbers on short notice. In such cases, there’s no room for long drawn-out pre-employment screening processes. Background checks need to be carried out within the shortest time possible because employment decisions need to be reached quickly.

With this at the back of our minds, we have developed proprietary software for conducting thorough background checks within the shortest time possible. For us, speed doesn’t come at the cost of quality. Basically, we provide you with the most exhaustive background checks possible within the shortest possible time.

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