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Payroll Industry Background Checks

Given the nature of their business, payroll companies cannot afford to make the slightest error in hiring. This is because payroll companies are often entrusted with highly sensitive information, resources and assets belonging to other companies. As such, their employees have to be not just skilled, they also have to be demonstrably ethical and trustworthy.

The exceptionally high standards for payroll company employees places extreme pressure on their human resources departments. It means that not only do applicants need to be thoroughly vetted, there has to be continued vigilance on existing employees.

One of the most potentially powerful tools for payroll companies are background checks. However, given the requirement for impeccable accuracy, payroll companies do not require ordinary checks. They need background checks specifically designed to match the unique requirements of their industry. This is where we come in.

Crimcheck is the premium provider of screening technology and solutions for the Payroll Industry. Our background checks for payroll companies are designed to simplify their screening process. Our ultimate goal is to become your number one partner in conducting thorough, reliable, and accurate background checks.

As your partner, Crimcheck can work with you to:

  • Develop a more efficient and legally compliant background screening program.
  • Limit exposure by expanding your screening services to include financial/SEC/OFAC searches.
  • Improve the turnaround time for your background checks without compromising their accuracy or quality.
  • Upgrade your current background screening program to make it more efficient, cost-effective and relevant to your needs.
  • Provide you with precise, accurate and actionable background check reports.
  • Keep you up-to-date with the latest background check laws and legislation’s relevant to your areas of operation.

The bottom line is that we can go beyond just providing you with reliable and efficient background check reports. We can also help your human resources department to become adept at navigating the complex legal issues governing background checks.

The end result is that we don’t just end at providing reports which can enable you to properly screen both prospects and current employees. We can also steer you clear of the legal pitfalls which often entangle payroll companies as they conduct background checks.

What Sets Us Apart

Why should any payroll company want to partner with Crimcheck? What do we bring to the table? Well, the first thing is experience. Crimcheck has been in the background checks industry since 1991. We have a track record of producing accurate and reliable background checks for over two-and-a-half decades.

The length of time we have spent in the industry means we have perfected our background check techniques. We know almost all the tricks applicants use to hide their background check information. This is because we have spent over two decades uncovering them. So, we have the capacity to conduct thorough investigations within the shortest time possible.

We also triple-check all the information unearthed during background check investigations. We call this process “vetting background checks”. We basically cross-reference the information with multiple sources to ensure its authenticity.

This vetting process guarantees that the information you get in the background check reports is 100% accurate. As such, you can confidently use the information to make critical decisions without any hesitation.

This sense of certainty is something which a payroll company can truly benefit from. It means that you can make screening decisions with the confidence that they are based on accurate information. This can help you to hire the kind of people who can help you to fulfill your visions, goals, and objectives.

Therefore, if you are a payroll company looking for a reliable background screening company, then Crimcheck is the perfect option for you. Besides our tremendous experience and thorough background checks process, we also offer the following:

  • NAPBS accredited background checks
  • Automated technologies and tools to simplify the background checks process
  • Integration of our software with your ATS and HRIS
  • Flexible payment options
  • FCRA compliant background checks

In a nutshell, Crimcheck has everything you need in a background screening partner. You will not find another company anywhere which is better suited to provide you with screening services for your payroll company. To find out more about our background checks for payroll companies, click here.

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Comprehensive solutions. Whether a standard hourly pre-employment screen, social security traces, drug tests or civil litigation checks. The Crimcheck team are experts in a variety of services and PBSA accredited.

Applicant Link

Save time with Crimcheck’s applicant link and pay process. Send your applicant a link and have them complete and submit their own information. There is even an applicant pay option.

The Advantage

With Crimcheck you can have all the services you need in one place. Set a great impression with your future hire by having an all-inclusive process.


Small Business to Fortune 5000. Education to Finance. Crimcheck provides industry targeted screenings for your exact needs in your exact industry.

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