Staffing Industry Background Checks

Staffing Industry Background Checks

If you are looking for reliable background checks for your staffing company, then welcome to Crimcheck. No one understands the needs of staffing agencies better than we do!

Compared to other employers, staffing firms tend to face a unique set of challenges. These challenges arise from the pressure normally heaped upon staffing firms to place the right candidate as quickly as possible.

The pressure is further exacerbated by the fact that one wrong hire can have dire consequences for the firm’s very existence. Employers don’t take too kindly to agencies which supply them with junk temps. This means that staffing firms need to get right 100% of the time – while still operating at lightning speed.

The one thing which often trips staffing firms is background checks. This is because most checks offer one of two things: speed or accuracy. When you opt for one, you automatically compromise on the other. For staffing companies, this presents a giant catch 22!

Crimcheck to the Rescue

Luckily for staffing agencies, Crimcheck understands their dilemma. We realize that there is often a need to eliminate unqualified applicants quickly without compromising compliance or time-to-hire standards. This is precisely why we created our specialized background checks for staffing companies.

Our background checks are specifically crafted to deliver the two things which staffing agencies crave for i.e. extremely accurate and reliable reports within the shortest time possible. We can afford to do this thanks to our unique approach to background checks.

Our STAT platform (Staffing Turn Around Time), when combined with Crimcheck Enterprise Level service packages, delivers results which most staffing agencies only glimpse in their wildest dreams. This combination offers the following benefits:

  • Standardized hiring and compliance across all branches
  • Faster hiring decisions made by recruiters and managers
  • Simplified reporting clarity and ease of use

These benefits mean that staffing firms can easily meet their clients’ demands of making quick placements without running the risk of making the wrong decisions. Basically, we can help staffing agencies to deliver better quality results for their clients.

This is exactly what we have been doing for over two decades. Crimcheck has an illustrious history stretching back to 1991. For more than 25 years we have been delivering high-quality background checks for the staffing industry.

Our experience has taught us the importance of producing accurate reports. This experience has risen in part from seeing the consequences of inaccurate reports. The staffing industry is brutally unforgiving of wrongful placements. As such, we take our mandate extremely seriously.

Every single piece of information unearthed in the background check is thoroughly vetted. For staffing agencies, we have developed a technique for performing the verification process quickly and reliably.

The feedback provided by our staffing clients has been overwhelmingly positive. They have credited our background checks for producing tangible results in their recruitment and human resources outcomes. Our background checks have, in comparison to other background check companies, been credited with leading to:

  • a 36 percent drop in bad hires
  • a 32 percent drop in employee turnover
  • a 30 percent drop in absenteeism, fraud, and theft
  • an 18 percent decrease in background check reports turnaround time

These amazing results are partly why the name Crimcheck is synonymous with background checks for staffing firms. The other part is because of our STAT platform which is specifically built to deliver unmatched value to staffing firms.

For starters, we offer dedicated Account Management teams at the Staffing Enterprise Level who provide on-demand support and account management. This makes it extremely easy for staffing agencies to utilize our background checks services.

The added layer of convenience has two implications for staffing firms. First of all, it means that they spend the minimal amount of efforts in dealing with background checks. Therefore, they are freed up to handle other aspects of their applicant screening process. The end result is that net amount of time spent on applicant screening reduces, thus improving their turnaround time.

Secondly, it means that staffing agencies can report and follow-up on any issues within the shortest time possible. This comes in handy in situations where staffing agencies feel the need reach out to background checks professionals. The sheer speed with which they can access professionals means that any arising issues can be resolved promptly and thoroughly.

Ultimately, Crimcheck’s background checks for staffing agencies is perfect for any staffing company out there. Beyond merely getting top quality results quickly, dealing with Crimcheck is well advised for the following reasons.

  • The company is NAPBS accredited. This means that it abides by the highest professional standards in the background checks industry.
  • Crimcheck has lots of tools and automations which simplify the performance of background-check related tasks. Such tasks include placing background check orders, tracking orders and creating reports.
  • Crimcheck complies with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and all other legislation’s which cover background checks
  • Crimcheck also offers its clients tips on how to improve their compliance. This saves its clients from the potential legal blowbacks which arise from violating compliance statutes.
  • The company offers partial and full integration with HRIS and ATS. This not only expedites the delivery of their services, it also brings Crimecheck’s background check services in closer proximity with their clients.
  • The company offers flexible payment options for clients

The bottom line is that if your staffing company is looking for background checks, you will not get a better service provider than Crimcheck. Our staffing background checks are designed based on an intimate knowledge of the staffing industry. This knowledge is arises from our affiliations with almost all staffing associations within the country (see details below).

Basically, every staffing firm in need of background checks stands to be greatly served by our services. Therefore, if you need fast and reliable checks, simply contact us and we’ll get on it right away. To learn more about our SAT process for the staffing industry, get in touch with our sales team by Clicking Here.