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Telecommunications Background Checks

Crimcheck offers industry-specific employment background checks for companies in the telecommunications industry. It is important for telecommunications companies to verify that their employees, consultants, vendors, and other associates are trustworthy. Our goal is to provide services that provide a layer of protection as part of these efforts.

Corporate accounts for telecommunications companies are at a high risk for cyberattacks. A recent report showed that 20% of data breaches were a result of insider misuse. This number refers to intentional abuse of data access, like selling information. It doesn’t even take into account workers who inadvertently share sensitive data.

Telecommunications industry employers that use background checks may be at less risk for these kinds of activities. By avoiding candidates who have criminal histories or other issues, companies can decrease the likelihood of criminal behavior on the job.

How Do Background Checks Boost Trust with Telecom Customers?

Consider the ways that your customers interact with your employees. Depending on the nature of your business, they might:

  • Have your technicians in their homes or places of business to install or repair telecommunications equipment
  • Enter your stores to purchase phones, networking equipment, or other items
  • Engage with your customer service representatives online or over the phone regarding billing or service issues.

There are so many circumstances in the telecommunications industry in which your customers are in direct contact with your employees, providing personal or financial information. Your teams may also have access to restricted areas (like server rooms or networking closets) or to expensive equipment.

When you can offer your retail and business customers a guarantee that you have obtained a complete background check from a trusted provider like Crimcheck, you earn their trust. They will know that you have taken steps at your own expense to protect their interests.

How Can These Background Checks Help Telecom Industry Employers?

We offer an array of services to help telecommunications employers ensure that they truly know the people they choose to hire. The ones you choose will determine what you learn about potential employees, contractors, and other associates.

Our clients use our services to check:

  • Criminal backgrounds
  • Employment and education history
  • Drug use
  • Credit history
  • Driving records
  • Social media behavior

Clients should select the background checks that will provide the most pertinent information based on their hiring practices. Consider a comprehensive background check, as telecommunications technicians and others in this industry are often put in positions of trust.

What are the Hiring Risks for the Telecommunications Industry?

After a slight, COVID-related downturn, the telecom industry is growing again. Businesses in this industry will likely need to increase their workforce to keep up with the demand. Additionally, job-seekers recognize this as a high-opportunity industry. You can expect to see an upswing in the number of applications you receive. This is great, but it can also lead to:

  • Increased burden on your in-house hiring teams
  • A greater need to ensure your new employees are qualified
  • More applications with fraudulent claims relating to employment history and education

By outsourcing background checks, you can streamline your hiring process and ensure all potential employees are fully vetted.

Are There Financial Benefits to Using These Services?

By verifying your employees before you hire them, you can reduce worker turnover. That alone represents major savings when you consider that it generally costs more than $4,000 to hire and onboard a new employee.

You can also reduce your risk of losing money due to liability issues, stolen or damaged objects, and lost customers. Conducting these checks can even lead to improved workplace safety.

Which Background Check Services Are Best for Telecommunications Companies?

Our clients can customize the packages that they purchase. Our recommended telecommunications industry package includes:

All of our background checks are conducted by professionals. They are designed to adhere to industry guidelines. Rest assured that any information you receive from us has been cross-checked for accuracy and represents the most current data available.

Protect your reputation as a telecommunications service provider and the clients you serve with thorough, comprehensive background checks for your employees. Reach out to the team at Crimcheck today to learn more about the ways that we can help you to protect your business.

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