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8 Behaviors That Upset Human Resources

June 12, 2015


June 12, 2015

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Human resource professionals are supposed to be infinitely more patient than other professionals. After all, part of their job description involves nurturing and developing others. As such, they are more likely to overlook minor transgressions among employees. Certainly, they are more tolerant than the average manager or boss.

However, even HRs get upset. They mostly get upset when an employee goes over the line. Therefore, if you would like to stay in the HRs good books, please avoid indulging in the following behaviors. Conversely, if you want to deliberately get them cheesed up (for a whatever reason your twisted mind can think of), take your pick among these 8 things.

Responding defensively to feedback

The HR is tasked with ensuring that you perform to your fullest potential. As such, offering you tips, counsel and guidance is part of their job description. In some cases, the feedback may not be the most welcome. In such cases, the natural reaction is to become defensive. Please don’t.

When you respond defensively to feedback, you make the HRs job unnecessarily difficult. Also, you miss out on an opportunity to learn, develop and grow. Besides, the HR isn’t your baby sitter. Her job is to tell it to you as it is. If you don’t like getting told off, then do your friggin job right, duh!

Bad-mouthing your manager

It is okay to complain about your manager. However, you can’t keep complaining all the time. Sure, there are horrible managers out there, but the HR doesn’t want to hear all the details. It gets old. As a professional, there are certain things which you are expected to ignore. There are certain minor irritations which you have to put up with. It is called life.

You can’t expect the HR to summon your manager for every little thing which makes you mad. Besides, bad-mouthing your manager may make you feel better, but it doesn’t earn you any kudos. Come to think of it, if you are the type of person who lets herself get stuck working for a jerk, what does that make you?

Tattling about other employees

Nothing upsets HRs like office busybodies. The reason for this is simple; gossip destroys teamwork and kills morale. And yet these are things which HRs work their butts off to build. So, you may think you are sharing juicy tidbits with the HR, and all they see is someone who is undoing their efforts.

Besides, HRs by nature have their ears to the ground. So, by the time you come upon the latest office scandals, they’ve probably known it for three days. You obviously know how boring it is for someone to tell you something you already know – as though it’s the most delightful thing ever.

Bottom line? Mind your business. If you are really dying to share the latest sexual escapades of the guy in the IT section, please contain your excitement till you get home. Then you can share it with your cat. Just leave the HR out of it!

Complaining about the water cooler

The water cooler is too warm, the AC is too cold and honestly, the internet connection is too slow. So what? The HR doesn’t care. Okay, maybe she does, but she has more important things to think about.

So, please stop nagging her about minute details. If the internet is too slow, talk to the IT guy for goodness’ sake. If the AC is too cold, adjust the damn thing!

Bottom line? Only complain to the HR about things which are her direct responsibility. Also make sure that they are things which you cannot solve on your own. Besides, do you have to be a perfectionist?

Not following instructions

You are going to fill your benefits claim forms. The HR has just spent the last 10 minutes giving you a step-by-step explanation of how to fill it.

HR : Understood?

YOU: Yes.

HR: Any questions?

YOU: No.

HR: Good, please fill it exactly like I told you.

YOU: Okay sir.

You go and begin filling in the form. Suddenly, you get a burst of inspiration. Your creative side kicks in. In a Eureka moment, you discover a better way to fill in the form. The only problem is that it is a world apart from how the HR told you do to it.

Just put yourself in the HRs shoes, how would you feel? Well, that’s exactly how the HR feels when you ignore their instructions. It is even worse when you screw up after ignoring their instructions. If you are going to do things your way, at least have the decency to do them right!

Asking Personal Questions

Small talk is fine. The HR expects it – since building camaraderie is part of her job. But then, don’t push it. For instance, she’s been courteous enough to inform you that she’s single, why the heck would you ask if she’s ever been married?

Personal questions are among the most annoying to an HR professional. This is because they put her in an awkward position. Part of her wants to continue with the friendly chat, and yet the other part doesn’t want to divulge personal information. So, please, spare them the mental torment. Keep it professional.

Asking For An Undeserved Raise

Imagine you went to a restaurant, and a waiter whose service you weren’t particularly pleased with blatantly asked you for a tip. How would you feel? A little peeved, right? Well, that’s exactly how HR feels when you ask for an undeserved raise. It just shows them that you have an exaggerated sense of your importance – kinda like a waiter who believes his mediocre service deserves a huge tip.

What is an undeserved raise, you ask? Well, it’s a raise which doesn’t reflect your current worth to the company. And one person who knows your exact worth is the HR. So, do your homework before asking for a raise.

Actually, make HR as part of your homework. Instead of asking for a raise to $95,000 per year, phrase the question like “what would it take for me to have my pay increased to $95,000?” You will receive practical tips which can enable you improve your worth to warrant the raise. But, whatever the circumstances, don’t ask for a raise out of the blue. It sucks!

Dressing Inappropriately

Jack Welch wrote in his best seller, Winning, that “the best HR types are pastors and parents in the same package.” He was alluding to the fact that for most HRs, offering counsel, guidance and an occasional rebuke comes naturally.

However, this doesn’t mean that you have to throw away your common sense. At the least, don’t put the HR in the position of having to tell you how to dress. She’s not your mother, period!

Dress appropriately for your job, that’s just professionalism 101. And don’t ask me what “appropriately” means. I don’t work in your company. If you are confused, simply imitate your boss. Or better yet, imitate the HR.

In a nutshell, making HR mad will bring you bad karma. It will most likely result in you getting passed over when perks, bonuses and promotions come around the corner. Basically, it can reduce your earnings and slow your career development. So, do you still feel like deliberately making HR mad? I didn’t think so. Just avoid the above behaviors, and you’ll be fine.

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