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What Are 6 Common [ Pre-Employment Background ] Check Misconceptions About Staffing?

Despite their importance in the employment background check screening process for industries like the staffing industry, background checks are often subject to myths and misconceptions. Some of the misconceptions are harbored by employees, while others are harbored by job seekers. Most are based on a basic misunderstanding about the nature, process or laws surrounding background […]

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8 Things To Consider When Looking For A Background Check Vendor

A background check is one of the most powerful measures available for screening potential or current employees for any staffing company. When used properly, it can enable an organization to hire or retain talented individuals who can give it a competitive edge. However, when carried out sloppily, background checks can become a liability to an […]

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The Importance of Background Checks and Screening For Medical Staff

There are many industries (such as the staffing industry) and jobs where background checks and screening are highly important for the services provided and the hiring of applicants. Childcare, government jobs, and adult care providers. We provide pre-employment background checks for these industries and many more. A field that is somewhat neglected when it comes […]