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On the Leading Edge: 2020 Ban the Box & Marijuana Laws

Poised on the threshold of a new decade, employers are wondering where they stand in terms of two legislative movements that are rapidly changing the employment laws and affecting the hiring practices they must follow. One small misstep could be very costly, so it is important that HR professionals keep up-to-date with the latest legislative […]

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NY Legislature Votes to Decriminalize Marijuana

The Decriminalization of Possession Although obviously disappointed at the failure of the legislature to both decriminalize and legalize marijuana in his State, Governor Andrew Cuomo, who has been a strong advocate of the legalization of recreational use of marijuana since 2013, was encouraged by the progress that decriminalization represents. Rushing to take action before the […]

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Medical Marijuana and the Drug Free Workplace

An increasing number of states have passed varying laws regarding marijuana legalization and the use of medical marijuana.  At the same time, the federal government still maintains that marijuana use is illegal.  Businesses that operate under federal contracts or fall under the Department of Transportation still must comply with drug testing regulations, regardless of state […]