The 8 Critical Things To Look For In An Education Verification Service


Education verification has become a critical part of the job screening process. This is because education fraud is becoming increasingly sophisticated. People are no longer content with putting false academic credentials on their resumes. With the rising number of diploma mills, applicants can now purchase authentic looking academic documents. Some diploma mills are so sophisticated […]

What is The Importance of Education Verification in the Hiring Process?


In 2018, the hiring climate finds more jobs than employees.  Employers are scrambling to find the right fit for the job openings. Jobs are going unfilled because there just aren’t enough qualified workers to do them. It is more important now than ever to make sure you are putting the right person into the right […]

FTC Accepts Settlement From Two Diploma Mills


On February 10, 2017, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) announced that two diploma mills had agreed to settle the charges brought against them. The diploma mills had been charged with selling fake diplomas to thousands of unsuspecting consumers.  Even though this was about a year ago, this is still applicable to this day, even more so. […]

How To Tackle The Challenge of Bogus Degrees


On May 27th, Pakistani investigators arrested the CEO of Axact – a Pakistani software company accused of running an online diploma mill. The arrest was the culmination of investigations which were sparked off by a New York Times exposé which revealed that Axact was running a network of 370 bogus educational websites. The websites posed […]