Do Employees Look At Their Jobs As Temporary?


The average tenure of a US worker is at its longest in history. This is according to the latest figures from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). The figures, which were released in September 2014, revealed that a US salaried worker spends an average of 4.6 years on a job. This is the longest […]

5 Reasons Why The Best Employees Quit – And How To Retain Them


One of the worst experiences any HR can face is when one of their best employees unexpectedly hands in their resignation. As soon as this happens, most HRs kick into action – trying their best to get the employee to change their mind. Unfortunately, this is often not possible. The employee quits – much to […]

The 6 Ways To Get Actionable Results From Your Employee Surveys


Engaged employees are one of the major drivers of business success. Studies have indicated that companies with engaged employees enjoy better productivity, greater client satisfaction, higher profitability and even greater shareholder returns. Basically, if you intend to make your business to fulfill its true potential, you need to ensure that your employees are as engaged […]

Leadership Skills That Your Employees Should Have


Running a successful staffing business relies almost entirely on the leadership qualities of every member in the team. A good leader is one who takes charge of any kind of situation by applying certain skills in order to achieve the desired result in any task. Leadership is a state of mind. Although some of these […]