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What Are 9 Ways To Fail A Social Media Background Check?

Social Media is almost unavoidable these days and almost everyone is on it. With so much information online, employers can get a glimpse past the polished résumé, firm handshake, and perfectly versed interview answers. There are quite a few ways a candidate can fail a professionally conducted social media check. Discriminatory Actions & Remarks No […]

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Why Instant Background Checks Can Get You In Hot Water

Original Post: 1-26-16Updated Post: 5-4-16Updated Post: 7-22-16 Many websites provide so-called “online instant background checks.” For some employers, this seems like a good proposition. After all, critical positions need to be filled fast, and if applicants perform extremely well in interviews, a recruiter will want to make a decision promptly. In such scenarios, conducting online instant background checks […]

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The Best Ways To Recruit Future Employees Using LinkedIn

LinkedIn is fast emerging as a great recruitment platform. Many organisations are currently turning to the popular social network to boost their recruitment efforts. With over 300 million professionals currently using it, LinkedIn can be a perfect way to identify, engage and recruit future employees. The ultimate question is: what are the best ways to […]

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President Obama’s TechHire Initiative – An Opportunity For Non-Techies To Join The Technological Workforce

On March 9th, 2015, President Obama announced a new campaign to get more Americans into high-paying technology jobs. The campaign, called the TechHire Initiative is aimed at providing rapid IT training for Americans from diverse academic backgrounds. Under normal circumstances, entry into the IT job market requires academic training of between 2 and 4 years. […]

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How To Measure Emotional Intelligence When Hiring

During the selection process, staffing managers are usually interested in education, skills, experience of the job candidate and cognitive abilities. Another key indicator of success in the workplace is emotional intelligence. Commonly known as EI, emotional intelligence is the ability of a person to identify, evaluate, and manage personal feelings and those of other people, as […]