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Top 5 Workforce Trends Which Will Impact HR & Staffing In 2016

The modern workforce is fluid, dynamic and ever changing. The influences which shape it are also in constant flux. The status of the workforce in 2015 certainly demonstrated this. The past year has been one of the most turbulent in the human resources history. However, it is gone, and 2016 is quickly arriving. According to […]

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How To Reduce The Likelihood Of Adverse Actions Turning Into A Legal Nightmare

There are certain HR decisions which are carried out so routinely that most HR professionals and staffing companies hardly give them a second thought. Examples include not hiring an applicant, demoting an employee, reducing an employee’s pay/benefits and suspending or firing an employee. In most cases, an HR can carry out such decisions on their […]

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Key Staffing Company Trends To Look Out For

Original Post: 10-7-15 Post Update: 4-30-16 Post Update: 7-20-16 10-7-15 The temporary staffing industry is currently at one of the most dynamic periods in its history. Over the last few years, the staffing industry has been expanding rapidly. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), temporary recruitment hit an all-time high of 2.9 million […]

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US Bosses Make It Harder For Employees To Achieve Work-Life Balance, Study Reveals

Despite the idea of a “work–life” balance becoming a buzzword in many organisations over the last few years, it seems like many bosses in the US are actually hurting their employees’ attempts to achieve this elusive ideal. According to the latest US Employee Engagement Study, almost half (41%) of US employees think that a work-life […]

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77% Of US Employees Have Witnessed Adolescent Behaviors In The Workplace CareerBuilder Survey Reveals

While at the workplace, employees are usually expected to behave in a professional, mature and responsible manner. As such, it is almost unbelievable that any professional can behave in a manner more suited to children and adolescents – pouting, whining and throwing temper tantrums. At least not while at the workplace. A survey recently released […]

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OSHA Increasingly Holding Staffing Companies Liable For Safety Violations

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is well known for clamping down on employers who violate workplace health and safety standards. As the federal agency charged with promoting workplace safety standards, OSHA has been known to impose steep penalties on violators. For a long time, OSHA has been placing primary liability for health and […]

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What To Consider When Designing A Stay Interview Strategy

Our first stay interview post was such a success, we want to follow up and answer some questions our readers had.  Enjoy. The stay interview is one of the most effective strategies for reducing employee turnover. Both anecdotal and research evidence indicates that stay interviews increase job satisfaction, employee engagement and organisational commitment. This ultimately […]

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The Top 5 HR & Staffing Trends To Look Out For Over The Next 3 – 5 Years

The modern workplace is fluid, dynamic and ever-changing. On the one hand, this is exciting because it presents a number of opportunities. On the other hand, it is potentially disastrous because it throws up lots of challenges. Success as an staffing companies & HR often means maximizing the opportunities while overcoming the challenges. Successfully navigating […]

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3 Inventive Ways To Structure An HR Department

The overall success of an organization often depends on the quality of its human resources. Recruiting, retaining and managing quality human resources often comes down to how well the HR department functions. The smooth function of an HR department depends on its structure. Therefore, the structure of an HR department is perhaps the most critical […]