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10 Strangest Interview Questions Ever Asked

When job seekers go for interviews, there are certain kinds of questions they typically expect. In most cases, interview questions tend to rotate around a person’s background (educational and professional), strengths and weaknesses, or technical knowledge/skills relevant to the job. Whatever the case, the questions are often related to the job for which they are […]

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Organizations Unprepared For An Aging Workforce – SHRM Survey Reveals

Despite the widespread clamor about the aging of the US workforce (sparked by millions of Baby Boomers approaching 65), few organizations are fully prepared for it. This is the major finding of a survey recently released by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). The survey entitled The Aging Workforce Survey is part of a […]

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The $712 Million Medicare Fraud Bust – A Few Tough Lessons For HRs

On June 18th, 2015, the US Attorney General Loretta Lynch announced the largest ever medical fraud take-down in history. A total of 243 people including nurses, doctors and other licensed healthcare professionals were arrested in coordinated operation across 17 cities. They were charged with defrauding Medicare of a total of $712 million in false billings. […]

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How To Create A Family Feel At The Workplace

According to the latest Employee Outlook 2015 survey, 55% of employees long for a family feel within their organizations. The survey which was carried out by the CPID in conjunction with Halogen Software, found that the employees desire an organizational culture which has “a family feel, held together by loyalty and tradition.” Click here to […]

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8 Behaviors That Upset Human Resources

Human resource professionals are supposed to be infinitely more patient than other professionals. After all, part of their job description involves nurturing and developing others. As such, they are more likely to overlook minor transgressions among employees. Certainly, they are more tolerant than the average manager or boss. However, even HRs get upset. They mostly […]

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5 Legal HR Mistakes Which Can Prove Very Costly

Human resources can sometimes seem like a legal minefield. This is because the simplest slip-up can have severe legal consequences. A simple mistake can lead to a costly class action suit, a severe sanction from regulatory authorities and damaging press coverage. Therefore, every HR needs to strive to stop running afoul of the legal provisions. […]