How to Ensure Accuracy in Employee Background Screening

The accuracy of criminal records used in employment screening has become a major issue for both employers and employment background screening providers (legally known as consumer reporting agencies (CRAs)) in Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) related litigation. Considering the potential liability of hiring a candidate with a criminal record, combined with the speed and omnipresence of the media, one […]

Crimcheck Is Always Working Towards Streamlining and Automation

Crimcheck is always working towards streamlining and automating the manual investigation process as much as possible to keep our turnaround time fast for our clients. Here are some of the highlights of our recent automations: 1. Over 45% of all Statewide and Multi-county Search components have been automated resulting in turnaround time reduction of over […]

New Feature: Advanced Order Validation

While we work to continuously upgrade our eFetch system, we are excited to announce our newest feature that we have added to help make your background checks easier: Advanced Order Validation This feature will allow you to see any potential order discrepancies and immediately fix any issues before submitting the order for processing.  For example, […]