Social Media Background Checks for Hiring?

Social media is a broad term and includes blogs, websites, chat rooms, as well as such social networking sites as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Given the popularity of these sites, it is not surprising that employers have latched on to them to uncover a virtual treasure trove of personal information on candidates. However, the use […]

Why Are Social Media Background Checks Becoming an Industry Standard?


A New Industry Standard In a world where phone calls are answered by our watches, refrigerators can create a grocery list for you and your voice can shut off the lights in your home just by saying “Alexa it’s nighttime”, it’s no surprise that by the end of 2020, over 3.6 billion people were using […]

Your Employees Are Comfortable with Social Media Screening

There is a renewed focus on HR and responsible recruiting as organizations tackle one of the most complex workforces in modern history amid COVID, evolving social pressures and rapid organizational shifts. Today, knowing who your candidate is can be just as important as what experience they bring to the table. Currently 4.3B people are actively […]

Using Social Media in Hiring: Necessary? Legal? Ethical?


Social media is no longer just a convenient means of communicating, or something that people use for entertainment purposes. Social media now pervades our society. It is likely that you check your social media accounts first thing when you wake up in the morning and the last thing before you go to sleep at night. […]

What Are 9 Ways To Fail A Social Media Background Check?


Social Media is almost unavoidable these days and almost everyone is on it. With so much information online, employers can get a glimpse past the polished résumé, firm handshake, and perfectly versed interview answers. There are quite a few ways a candidate can fail a professionally conducted social media check. Discriminatory Actions & Remarks No […]

Should You Do Your Own Social Media Background Checks In 2020?


A candidate most likely has their personal, social and even professional lives stashed away on one or more social media platforms. This is just the reality of modern life. People – often unthinkingly – post the minutest details of their lives on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, and the dozens of other social media platforms. For […]