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Crimcheck Announces New Website Additions

September 15, 2015


September 15, 2015

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New website additions have been designed to make it even more mobile-friendly. It also has been organized provide easier access to Pre-Employment Background Checks. Both current and prospective clients can check out the new website additions.

Anyone looking for pre-employment background checking services has just been offered a unique opportunity to access them easily. This is courtesy of a recent announcement made by Crimcheck – a leading provider of pre-employment screening and background checking services. The company recently announced the launch of new website additions.

The website is intended to provide both current and prospective clients with an enhanced opportunity to enjoy Crimcheck’s top services at their convenience. These services include background-checking, education verification, employment verification, sanctions checks and drug testing. The goal of the new website is to make it much easier for clients to access these services. As such, it is packed with new features which are intended to provide a friendlier user-experience.

One of the main features is that the website has a responsive design. This means that it is designed perfectly display across a wide range of devices. These include both mobile devices (like phones and tablets) as well as laptop and desktop computers. This means that anyone can now access the website from their preferred device.

The accessibility across mobile devices also adds a touch of convenience and flexibility. It means that users can enjoy Crimcheck’s various services on the go. This makes it especially helpful for human resource professionals who are always on the move. It makes them keep up with any background-checking efforts without the hustle of having to carry a laptop on their travels.

Another feature on the new website is quicker access to the Pre-Employment Background Checks which are carried out by Crimcheck. This is because the new website features a simple, intuitive interface. This means that even first-time visitors can be able to locate any information very easily. The background checking services are also divided according to industry. As such, rather than wasting time sifting through irrelevant content, visitors can go straight towards the content which is relevant to their industry.

The new website also features capabilities which are intended to provide faster access to Crimcheck’s resources and services. Among the capabilities are XML Integration, Applicant Link/Pay and eFetch Ease – Batch Order Processing. These capabilities can provide users with faster results by enabling them to automate some of the processes involved in their interaction with the website. Such automations generally make a user’s life much easier.

Crimcheck’s new website uses SSL encrypted connection to provide maximum security for the user. SSL connections are renowned for reducing the likelihood cyber attacks. Basically, whoever visits the new website is assured of enjoying certain level of security.

According to sources at Crimcheck, all these features are designed to ensure that visitors to the website enjoy the maximum level of ease, convenience and security. The goal is to ensure that clients enjoy the company’s various services without experiencing any hustle or difficulty.

Therefore, any HR or staffing professional who is in need of pre-employment background checking services would be best served in visiting the Crimcheck new website. Anyone who desires the services can get a free quote by simply visiting our home page. Whoever desires more information can click the Live Chat link at the top of the page to get assistance from Crimcheck’s customer service representatives.

Ultimately, Crimcheck’s new website provides the perfect opportunity for an HR professional to enjoy top-quality pre-employment background checks at their own convenience. As such, any serious HR cannot afford to miss out on the opportunity.

About Crimcheck

Crimcheck is a reputable provider of premium background checking and pre-employment screening services. It has renowned for carrying out exhaustive background checks using a combination of human resources and innovative technologies. Some of the services it provides include criminal background checks, sanctions checks, employment verification, education verification, drug screening and even driving records checks.



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