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Crimcheck Is Always Working Towards Streamlining and Automation

November 4, 2021

November 4, 2021

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Crimcheck is always working towards streamlining and automating the manual investigation process as much as possible to keep our turnaround time fast for our clients.

Here are some of the highlights of our recent automations:

1. Over 45% of all Statewide and Multi-county Search components have been automated resulting in turnaround time reduction of over 20%

2. Federal Criminal component internal adjudication process has been totally revamped resulting in 33% faster turnaround time

3. Automated an additional 115 courts in Crimchecks internal RPA system Digger, which now covers over 1500 courts.

Did you know that Crimcheck has its own internal RPA (robotic process automation) called Digger, named after our mascot dog?

What is Digger?

Over the years more and more court records are digitized, making them available online. There are thousands of websites that contain court records used during the background check process. Crimcheck built its own proprietary RPA technology called Digger which programmatically performs searches on these sites and returns data to our system.

Digger was first released in 2016 and is continued to be updated on a daily basis. Digger has processed over 20 million searches in the past 5 years and results on average in a 90% reduction in turnaround time vs it’s prior manual processing turnaround time rate.

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