Since our acquisition in 2022, DISA has been a remarkable partner behind the scenes for our clients. We are grateful that DISA and Crimcheck both place an absolute priority on the client experience. With their assistance, we enhanced our security beyond industry standards. We will continue to leverage their deep expertise to improve operational efficiency while expanding both our coverage and suite of services. Additionally, we believe our clients are already familiar with the DISA brand as a leading provider of employee screening and their continued pursuit of excellence.

A few months ago, Crimcheck transitioned to emails.

On December 1, 2023, we will officially change our name to DISA Global Solutions.

We do not take this rebranding lightly. You specifically decided to choose Crimcheck as your background screener. We are grateful you did, and we will continue to meet your highest expectations under our new name.

We know that our client service teams are critical to our success and your satisfaction with Crimcheck, and I assure you that the client experience remains a top focus for every employee at Crimcheck.

In the coming weeks, you will receive other communications regarding Crimcheck’s rebranding. No action is needed today. This notice is a courtesy to our valued clients.

Our commitment to prioritize your experience and satisfaction remains unchanged and is an absolute priority. We will continue to meet the same high expectations you have come to expect under our new name.