HOUSTON, August 7, 2023 – DISA Global Solutions, an industry-leading provider of employee screening and compliance services, announces today a significant milestone in their international growth strategy with the acquisition of SIGNUM Consulting, a well-known international pre-employment screening and risk/compliance management firm. This marks DISA’s 4th acquisition in the last year and its first international acquisition, reaffirming efforts to expand global capabilities.

DISA is growing globally and strategically redefining its international presence. As the only top-tier Third-Party Administrator (TPA) owning its complete supply chain, DISA guarantees the same quality and service levels end-to-end, increasing customer trust and loyalty. This unique model ensures consistent service delivery no matter the service or geography, a critical component for customers operating a global screening program.

Integrating SIGNUM Consulting is a significant part of DISA’s international growth plan. With a dedicated focus on further enhancing the company’s global coverage, service offerings, and international support, DISA is poised to redefine industry standards globally. The expansion will provide clients with the same high level of services they have come to expect from DISA on an expanded international scale. With this acquisition, DISA now provides background checks across 145 countries.

DISA’s President & CEO, John Peterson, stated, “SIGNUM Consulting has a strong reputation for excellence in pre-employment screening and risk/compliance management, and its international reach expands DISA’s capabilities, coverage, and service offerings. This acquisition will amplify our reach in the international market, broadening our client base and giving us an even greater ability to serve our customers. Our commitment to exceptional customer service and our focus on industry-leading practices remains unwavering.”

Founded in 1998, SIGNUM Consulting has supported internationally focused large and medium-sized companies across more than 100 countries. With a team speaking over 14 languages, SIGNUM’s expertise in navigating the legal, technical, and cultural challenges of global business development complements DISA’s focus on quality and customer service. The acquisition of SIGNUM Consulting is underscored by the mutual commitment of both companies to secure data protection. Both DISA and SIGNUM Consulting continue to adhere to the stringent requirements of German and European data protection regulations.

As part of the focus on international expansion, DISA is delighted to announce Suzie Rurode as the new International President. Suzie will oversee DISA’s global strategy and spearhead international growth efforts.

Suzie shared, “I’m thrilled to join DISA Global Solutions. DISA’s unwavering focus on customer relationships is among my core values. SIGNUM Consulting has the same focus on customer excellence and is a perfect match for DISA’s culture. Their expertise in handling the world’s most strict data privacy and protection rules is the best in the industry.”

Additionally, Suzie shared, “What excites me most is the DISA and SIGNUM customer-first approach that puts the client at the center of everything we do.  Our technology, operational processes and agile product development approach are all focused on building for the future needs and trends in background screening which anticipate the needs of our clients and their candidates”.

Suzie brings over 20 years of global leadership experience, including driving the strategic direction of large information services companies and pioneering innovative global go-to-market strategies. She has a distinguished history of global client management, extensive consulting work, and a record of successful international growth.

About DISA Global Solutions

Founded in 1986, DISA is the industry-leading provider of employee screening and compliance services. DISA assists employers in making informed staffing decisions while building a culture of safety in their workplace. DISA continues to offer an expanding and comprehensive suite of services to customers across the globe.

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