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Spring Cleaning Your Screening Program During COVID-19

April 24, 2020

April 24, 2020

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Over the last few years, you have been conducting your background screening program consistently across your organization. Some have established a few background check packages for different roles within your workforce. While many of Crimcheck’s clients have increased their hiring and background check volumes to keep up with essential service needs of consumers, unfortunately many others need to put hiring initiatives on hold. Whichever side you’re on, now may be an opportune time to spring clean your background screening program.

At Crimcheck, we work consultatively with every client, large or small. We can work with you to audit your current program and screening packages to optimize them for your needs, now and in the future. Making program updates can improve your team’s efficiency and enable you to gather the information you need to make informed hiring decisions.

Custom Package URLs

Crimcheck can customize dedicated package URLs for you to embed in candidate onboarding communications, host on secure computers within your premises, and have qualifying candidates complete at job fairs. Wherever the location, your candidate will be walked through an easy-to-use process in which they provide basic contact information and then e-sign their background check authorization to begin the screening process. 100% hands-free ordering for your team!

eFetch EaseTM Batch Ordering

Do you have a backlog of background checks to conduct, but little time to submit them? Use Crimcheck’s eFetch Ease to simply upload a spreadsheet to us to start the process. Contact your Customer Support representative to obtain our Microsoft Excel template and further information.

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Services You May Need Now More Than Ever

At Crimcheck, we help our clients develop right-sized programs, which means creating background check and drug testing packages relevant to the roles you’re hiring. However, needs evolve and conditions change, creating an opportunity to optimize your program for your needs today and to plan for the future. Here are a few circumstances and services you should consider.

  • Are some of your employees now performing deliveries? We have restaurant and retail clients who did not conduct a Motor Vehicle Record check on their wait staff, hosts, sales team members, etc. at the time they were hired. Now that these individuals are delivering food and products as part of their duties, clients are conducting MVR searches on them. We can help you quickly run MVR checks on those you need and create a package that includes MVR (if you don’t already have one) to simplify ordering in the future.
  • Are you up to speed on federal offenses? While we discussed how federal and county searches differ during account setup, for many of you that was a long time ago. Federal cases do not appear in county or statewide searches because they involve violations of federal law. Examples include embezzlement, tax evasion, mail and wire fraud, interstate drug trafficking, kidnapping, and many other serious crimes. Including federal criminal searches in your program is an inexpensive way to safeguard your employees, customers and bottom line.
  • Do you find that you or your team members are often adding an a la carte search to a current package? We have an easy fix that will improve your efficiency and ensure consistency. The most frequently ordered a la carte service occurs when clients who regularly order a Basic Package add a County Criminal Search to it. If you’re finding that your team is adding any a la carte service more frequently, we can easily add another package to your program to simply your order process. Contact our customer service team to hear more about our Basic Plus package and other available package options!
  • Social media background checks have become an increasingly valuable source of information for Crimcheck clients. They reduce the risk of harassment claims, insider threats and negligent hiring by helping you identify these risks before you hire: 1) demonstrations of racism or intolerance, 2) potentially illegal activity, 3) potentially violent conduct, and 4) sexually explicit material. We offer two levels of these searches and would be happy to provide additional information.

As your trusted partner, we’re here to help you when times are good and when they’re challenging. Please contact your Crimcheck representative at 877-992-4325 or [email protected] about optimizing your program, any of the solutions described above, or if we can assist you in any other way.

We hope that you, your team and family stay well!


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