The [ NYC Fair Chance ] Act Has Officially Taken Effect


October 27th, 2015 is a date all private employers in NYC should take note of. The reason for this is simple. This is when New York City’s “Ban the Box” law took effect. For employers, this is a potential game changer. It means that they can no longer arbitrarily use criminal background checks during recruitment. […]

Implications Of The “Ban The Box” Law For Employers In NYC


The recent signing of the Fair Chance Act (FCA) into law by Mayor Bill De Blasio is a potential game changer for private employers in New York City. The FCA is a “Ban the Box” law which places restrictions on when employers can inquire about a person’s criminal history when making a hiring decision. In […]

Does Expanding Ban the Box Legislation Impact Small Business?


An increasing number of states, counties, and cities have passed so called “Ban the Box” legislation which seeks to limit discrimination against applicants with a criminal record. Some state’s laws only apply to public employers, and others include private employers and have an impact on small business. The “box” in question is found on employment […]