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The 5 Tools A Staffing Company & HR Will Get At Crimcheck

June 17, 2015


June 17, 2015

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Given the dynamic nature of today’s workplace, being HR or hiring manager is extremely taxing. There is just so much to be done (and often so little time to do it). At Crimcheck, we fully understand this. We also know that employee background verification is a tiny part of an HR or a hiring manager’s duties. Therefore, our goal is to make it as simple as possible.

To simplify a staffing manager or HR’s life, we have created a number of tools to simplify the process of making background checks. These tools are designed minimize the effort put in by the HR, while maximizing the output.

In addition to the items below, our first rate customer service is second to none. No command prompts to an offshore call center, REAL people answering your questions, every time.

The 5 top tools which you will find at Crimcheck are the following:

1.  Applicant Link

One of the most exhausting aspects of authorizing a background check is filling in an applicant’s details. It can be a long, complex and error-prone. If you have a large number of applicants for whom you desire background checks, the process becomes infinitely difficult. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if every applicant filled in their own details? Of course it would. And that is what the Applicant Link is all about.The Applicant Link is a tool which enables every applicant to fill in their own background data. This totally eliminates data entry on your part. It basically frees you up to do whatever you please (including play Candy Crush).

This is how the Applicant Link works:

  1. You simply enter your applicant’s name, email and select the package you’d like to run (which specifies the kind of info you’d like to verify).
  2. An email is sent to the applicant containing a secure link to an online employment application.
  3. The applicant follows the link, fills in all their data, signs an E-Signature form and submits the data.
  4. We run the appropriate verification and get back to you in 48 to 72 hours.

The whole process is simple, secure and hustle-free. The Applicant Link saves you from the stress of filling in applicant data. It also saves you from the costly mistakes which arise from misfiling an applicant’s data.

2.  Applicant Pay

There are certain situations where an applicant is mandated to pay for the background check. A good example is when you are hiring independent contractors. Under the normal arrangement (where you pay us), the applicant would have to make the payment to you, which you’d then remit to us (which is quite inconveniencing for everybody).

The Applicant Pay solves this problem elegantly. It enables the applicant to pay us directly. The Applicant Pay works in the same way as the Applicant Link. In fact, it follows the same exact steps as the Applicant Link. The only difference is that after singing the E-Signature, the applicant must make a payment before submitting their data. Without payment, their data cannot be submitted.

3.  eFetch Ease – Batch Order Processing

Employee verification is seldom carried out on a one-on-one basis. If, for instance, you need to carry out employee screening, chances are that you will want to screen several applicants at once. The same applies to background checks.

Given that the applicant data is usually submitted on a one-by-one basis, processing several applicants can quickly become repetitive and tedious. This is where eFetch Ease – Batch Order Processing comes in handy. eFetch Ease enables you to submit the data for multiple applicants at once. You simply fill in all the applicant data on an Excel spreadsheet. You then upload the spreadsheet through your eFetch Client portal. Within just on hour, all the applicants on the data sheet appear on your client portal as an order.

We then proceed to process the order. eFetch Ease is perfect for any situation where you need to process numerous people at once. Examples include yearly audits, job fairs, schools, camps and annual data processing. It makes processing multiple people a breeze.  To further simplify your life, we can even supply you with free Excel templates which you can use for filling in your data.

4.  Direct XML Advanced Integration, Simple & 3rd Party Integration

Most organizations already have a Human Resource Information System (HRIS). When they acquire a new system, they prefer to integrate it into their existing system. At Crimcheck, we know this. Therefore, we offer multiple forms of integration. One such a form is XML Advanced Integration.

Using XML Advanced Integration, you can integrate Crimcheck’s features into your HRIS. As such, it enables you to sent and receive requests via XML. What these means is that you get to enjoy all the functionalities of Crimcheck directly on your HRIS.

Among the functionalities, you can enjoy on your system are:

  • sending service requests
  • using your predefined packages in your requests
  • checking the status of your requests
  • receiving fully customizable reports
  • receiving the standard predefined screening report (which is in PDF format)
  • iFrame Integration

There are situations when you don’t need the full functionality of Crimcheck on your HRIS. If all you need are a few features, then iFrame Integration (aka simple integration) is the perfect solution. This option enables you to quickly plug into Crimcheck in order to access specific bits of information. It is speedy, simple and hassle-free.

—> Click here to sign up for your FREE Trial.  Don’t worry, no contracts EVER!

Among the things which you can enjoy courtesy of a simple integration are:

  • checking the request status of an applicant
  • viewing the list of services requested per applicant
  • tracking the progress of an applicant’s services

Besides XML and iFrame integration, we also offer 3rd Party HRIS Integration. This is where we integrate Crimcheck directly into an HRIS such as Oracle and Toleo. Unlike the other two, 3rd Party HRIS Integration takes into account the unique characteristics of the HRIS vendor. You basically get to enjoy either your HRIS as though it is an extension of Crimcheck, and vice versa. This service is available on request. To access it, you need to contact our support staff.

5.  The Best Reporting in the Industry

We provide the most accurate, comprehensive and EASY to read pre-employment background screening reports in the industry.  We offer over a hundred of types of pre-employment screening services.

Reporting Includes:

  1. Executive Summary Report
  2. Criminal Records – Felony & Misdemeanor (7 Year Scope)
  3. Federal Criminal
  4. Employment Verification
  5. National Criminal Database
  6. Education Verification
  7. Credit Reporting
  8. Motor Vehicle Record
  9. National Sex Offender Search

Click here to see a sample report.

In a nutshell, those are the top 5 HR tools which are available on Crimcheck. These tools are basically designed to simplify your life. As such, they are intuitive, effective and extremely easy to use. Therefore, if you are looking for an employment verification and background checking service which is specifically designed to simplify your life, you won’t find a better option than Crimcheck.

Remember we are REAL people doing REAL background checks.

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