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The Importance of Background Checks and Screening For Medical Staff

April 1, 2015


April 1, 2015

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There are many industries (such as the staffing industry) and jobs where background checks and screening are highly important for the services provided and the hiring of applicants. Childcare, government jobs, and adult care providers. We provide pre-employment background checks for these industries and many more.

A field that is somewhat neglected when it comes to screening and background checks is nursing and medical staff and at Crimcheck we are here to help employers find the best people to provide medical attention.

Medical Staff and Nurses Versus Patient Safety

One may wonder why those on medical staff would need screening and background checks. Some people may assume that those who choose to help people on a daily basis have nothing to hide and should be hired on merits and experience. While this is true, as a medical staff employer looking to hire a team of nurses and medical staff, you may want to consider how we can help you find the honest and responsible members you need for your clinic, hospital, etc.

As you go into the hiring process interviewing and accepting applicants, it is important to keep your patient’s utmost safety in mind. While one would hope that every person you are interviewing has a clean record that would not affect your patients, it is the medical staff’s responsibility to ensure that it is so. Nurses and medical members who have a history of drug abuse, sex offenses, theft, and violence could end up causing serious problems in the workplace and with their patients.

Imagine a patient whose life is dependent on another person doing their job. Someone one who ignores patient safety by showing up to work high on drugs or with an extreme hangover could be detrimental to a patient’s safety.

Patient’s want to know that the person injecting the medicine into their veins is in control, because they are not. They want to know that the nurse checking their vitals is all there, because they are not. Patient’s need a clean and responsible person by their side and as their medical provider, so do you.

A nurse who has a history of violence could lose their temper in the work place causing an outburst at a highly inopportune time resulting in a lack of professionalism and patient safety.

Finding out that someone is a sexual offender will most likely make you the wise decision not to hire that applicant and discovering that a potential employee has a record involving theft may make you think twice.

Hiring someone with hidden problems are issues in their background can make you liable for any issues that they may end up causing. A sex offender who assaults or molests a patient could cause serious issues for your business or clinic, not to mention the long lasting and serious effect it could have on a patient.

A drug abuser may be stealing drugs on the sly and could be causing greater damage than could be foreseen. Hiring new employees and nurses for your medical team takes time and if you get it wrong could result in negative results and a loss of income and patients.

Get A Thorough Background Check to Protect Your Team and Patients

Most everyone will not be forthcoming in letting a potential employer know these kinds of details of their past. That is why at Crimcheck we can help you do the work of finding out what may hide in your applicants’ past and records.

We are here to help you be the most successful medical provider possible and the best way to do that is by having a top team that is cut out for the job and that you will be able to depend on years to come.

Unfortunately; trusting someone’s word does not always guarantee the great result that you are looking for. You have a job to do and when that job consists of keeping people healthy and alive, you want to know that your medical staff and nurses are up to snuff.

Performing screening is more than just protecting your patients-albeit top priority-it is about protecting your business or clinic from potential lawsuits, defaming, and scrutiny. You can save yourself a lot of time and money by choosing to get background checks and screening done on all of your potential applicants.

Choosing the right nurses and medical staff is worth the time of getting background checks done on all of them. At Crimcheck we make it easy and we guarantee quick and updated results. While you can obtain background checks through a variety of means, some companies may be offering you results that are outdated.

We can provide you with results on a national level and with current reporting. Your patients are worth the time and effort and our prices will make getting screening done on all of your applicants that much easier.

From sex offender registries to driving records, criminal checks, and drug history, we are able to find out details about potential employees before you choose to bring them on. It is a wise decision to find out all you can before taking the step to choose someone who seems like the right candidate. What you find out may surprise you. Do your background screening and checks before it is too late.

Why Choose Crimcheck For Your Background Screening?

At Crimcheck we offer low rates on all of our reporting for a variety of industries. We are thorough in our screening, which guarantees that you will receive information that is current and relevant.

We care about your security and we are affiliated with many companies and security providers to keep you, our clients, safe from harm or unnecessary problems.

Hiring nurses and medical staff that have clean records is worth it. You will be glad you did. While many applicants may have glowing resumes and smiling faces, knowing that the ones you choose to hire are honest and responsible individuals cannot be compared.

Protect your business and protect your patients by choosing Crimcheck as your background check and screening provider today. We will not disappoint.

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