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Why Should Telecommunication Employers Run Comprehensive Background Checks?

June 15, 2021

June 15, 2021

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Today, an increasing number of companies in the telecommunications industry choose to run comprehensive background checks on potential employees, contractors, vendors, and others. You may be wondering if this is something you should do. Is it worth the time and cost of securing these services?

It absolutely is. In fact, it may help to think of this as an investment in your business and your workforce. Still skeptical? Check out these three reasons you need to run comprehensive background checks on potential hires.

What Is a Comprehensive Background Check?

A comprehensive background provides telecommunications industry employers with a detailed set of information about someone they may hire. It includes a criminal background check, education and employment history, and drug screening. This information is provided to the employer who ordered the check.

1. How Would One Reduce Risk of Loss or Damage to Expensive Telecom Equipment?

Telecommunications technicians handle a lot of costly high-tech equipment. Additionally, you may allow them to drive company vehicles and give them 24-hour access to your workplace. Then there’s client equipment to consider on top of that.

Ultimately, you are responsible for that equipment in the event of theft or damage. The best way to reduce your risk is to have complete background checks run on every telecommunications technician you hire. The information you gain from a comprehensive background check will alert you to any red flags that indicate a potential hire may not be someone you should trust with valuable equipment, access, or company vehicles.

2. How Can You Improve Hiring Results to Remain Competitive?

It costs quite a bit of money to hire and onboard new employees. In addition to that, there’s some intense competition in telecom. That money is wasted if you find that a worker isn’t qualified to do the job you hired them to do or if they have a criminal background that isn’t acceptable in your company’s telecommunications niche. You need workers who are capable of doing a high-tech, demanding job.

Yes, sometimes workers just don’t work out. However, it is frustrating when the situation was avoidable at some point (such as in the hiring phase). Use comprehensive background checks to ensure that employees are who they say they are and have the right qualifications.

3. How Can You Increase Workplace Safety?

Your employees deserve to feel safe at work. Telecom employees may have to climb ladders, deal with high voltage electricity, or work in inclement weather. Each worker doesn’t just rely on their own capabilities to stay safe. They have to be able to count on their coworkers. It’s your job to take active steps to ensure that they can.

Part of that task is running background checks. Take care to verify that the people you hire have the work experience they claim to, are qualified to do their jobs safely, and don’t have criminal backgrounds. While there is no possible way to screen every problematic employee, shouldn’t you take the steps within your power to keep a safe workplace?

The following points are some important ones to consider:

  • What if a rogue employee causes a serious problem?
  • What’s your liability if you didn’t do your due diligence before you hire them?
  • Will your insurance company cover an incident involving a worker who is on drugs?

Background checks are crucial. You could be protecting your business just as much as you are your employees.

Final Thoughts

When telecommunication industry employers order comprehensive background checks, employees and customers are better protected. Doing this can protect your interests, as well. It’s worth the effort to ensure that you are hiring workers who are safe, trustworthy, and qualified.

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