Crimcheck Committed to Community Service

Crimcheck Committed to Community Service

Berea, Ohio – June 16, 2008 — The Rotary Club has installed a camera system at Lou Groza Field to help keep kids safe and prevent vandalism.

A portion of last year’s Lou Groza Charity Golf Event proceeds was used to purchase three outdoor cameras as part of a closed circuit camera system. Groza, a legendary Cleveland Browns player, was a past president of Berea Rotary.

The system, which cost $6,000, works through a DVR that is directly linked to the Berea Police Department, allowing police to monitor the field 24/7.

Berea Rotarian Ted Moss, who chairs the golf event, said the golf outing was the “brainchild” of former Rotarian George Kanaan, who was president three years ago but died in the middle of his term.

“He had the idea to have an outing that would raise money for charitable causes and he knew Lou and his connection to Berea. With the Lou Groza Field and the Browns training facility, it just made sense,” Moss said. “I wish he was around, as well as Lou, to see the success of the event. It’s doubled in revenue each year for the past three years, and we’ve been able to do bigger and better improvements.”

The security cameras could be next year’s theme for improvements at other locations in town where children play.

Rotary President Ed Montgomery said the system makes sense.

“With all the nonsense going on today and kids who are not in organized sports using the field as a playground, it will make it a much safer place and be manpower effective,” he said.