Crimcheck sparks up a partnership with Candidate Resources, Inc

Crimcheck sparks up a partnership with Candidate Resources, Inc

Cleveland, Ohio – June 13, 2008 — Crimcheck, a Berea Ohio based nationwide leader in background checks and employment screening announces today it has entered into a partnership with Candidate Resources, Inc, a Dallas, Texas based industry leader in applicant tracking software and employee assessment testing.

This partnership will allow Crimcheck to provide its clients with a human resource solution that can begin from job posting and carry through to hire. Crimcheck will integrate its pre-employment background checks into Candidate Resource Inc’s, leading on-demand recruiting and on boarding solution. This synergy will allow clients to more quickly and efficiently initiate background checks by eliminating the need for fax or redundant data entry. In addition, it will allow for clients to have a one stop solution in their hiring management process.

In order for employers to recruit qualified candidates, hire the most talented employees and correctly screen potential applicants, they must have an efficient and effective employment center. With this alliance, Crimcheck can offer employers a soup to nuts recruitment and screening solution that will help them streamline and simplify the complex employee acquisition processes. Our customers will experience measurable productivity improvements in their hiring management processes while not compromising the integrity of their background screening program.

About Crimcheck

Crimcheck™ powered by Background Network, Inc., is a nationwide leader in background checks. We provide fast, affordable, and comprehensive background checks to both small businesses and large corporations. We help companies protect their most important asset – the employees that make them a success. As a part of any comprehensive risk mitigation program, employment screening is a must since the best predictor of future performance is past behavior.

Crimcheck™ retrieves data from over 10,000 local courts and 3,500 county courts in all 50 states. Our background screening services include comprehensive Criminal Checks: misdemeanors, felonies, and federal offenses; Data Checks: social security traces, motor vehicle reports, and pre-employment credit checks; and Reference Checks: employment verification, educational verification, and personal/professional reference checks. Crimcheck™ delivers the level of professionalism you expect when conducting applicant/employee background checks.

Our investigative consultants are highly qualified and have diverse backgrounds including criminal justice graduates, former law enforcement officers, and other related disciplines. Our organization also utilizes a nationwide network of public record researchers and other unique sources. Hiring an employee is one of the most important responsibilities a company will experience while conducting business. Negligent hiring is on the rise, and companies and organizations are being taken to task over their hiring practices.

It is your responsibility to make sure that the people you hire can be trusted to deal with the public and interact well with other employees. The Society for Human Resource Management states that 22% of job applicants use false claims.

About Candidate Resources, Inc

Candidate Resources, Inc., is a human resources company dedicated to helping employers attract, then screen applicants for job fit. Once hired, Candidate Resources assists leadership in the development of existing employees as they move up the career ladder. Additionally, Candidate Resources, Inc., provides HR tools and Career Direction resources to individuals seeking to determine what job is best for them.

Candidate Resources, Inc., brings over 50 years of expertise and experience in pre-employment applicant attraction and screening services to its clients. Its nationwide and international clients span the gamut of large, medium and small companies in a myriad of different industries. It’s main personnel assessment, the Achiever, has been widely used by business, governmental facilities, government contractors, educational facilities and associations for well over four decades. The company is based in Grand Prairie, Texas, in the middle of the DFW Metroplex, just 7 minutes south of the DFW Airport, with offices in 40 cities.

Handling pre-employment aptitude and/or personality testing via the web today is simple, efficient and effective, with a profile of the individual immediately accessible by employers. Most of the company’s clients and consultants use the company’s virtual Human Resources center, Clients simply have individuals they wish to test log on to the site, enter codes which they are provided and complete the respective test. Then, the client company representative or consultant logs into an administrative site, enters specialized codes to access the results, reads and prints the results.

Within this site is information regarding the Achiever and other aptitude and personality (behavioral) tests offered by the company, as well as information on obtaining benchmarks for specific jobs, career and job development information, methods of interviewing and screening potential applicants and new hires and the articles relating to the importance of testing for job fit.