Hurricane Katrina Background Checks

Hurricane Katrina Background Checks

Cleveland, Ohio – September 1, 2005 — In order to assist those in need of housing and the people that are offering their homes to displaced families and individuals, Crimcheck™ is offering free background checks to those that need them. It may sound a bit cold hearted to ask someone who has lost everything to submit to a background check, but we believe it is a necessity. After all, you want to keep your family safe and perhaps other victims that may be staying in your home.

There are many organizations offering housing. Here are just a few listed below:

• Hurricane
• Hurricane Housing Search
• Hurricane Katrina Housing Offers
• Katrina Housing
• Katrina Relocation Effort (Creating long term relocation opportunities for those displaced by Katrina)
• Craig’s List

Please contact us at when requesting a background check.
When contacting us, the victim must provide their details and be willing to submit to the background check. We will also need your information and how to contact you. Also, please send us the url of your listing on Hurricane Housing or Hurricane Housing Search.

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