President Ted Moss featured in Changing of the Times

President Ted Moss featured in Changing of the Times

Berea, Ohio – March 1, 2008 — Crimcheck founder Ted Moss has kept his company growing by adjusting his business strategy to coincide with industry changes.

Below is an article that Ted Moss, President of Crimcheck, was featured in.

For Crimcheck’s Ted Moss, it was the leap onto the Internet that revolutionized his business plan, and he hasn’t looked back since. “Almost all of our growth has been from Internet growth,” says Moss, the company’s founder and president. “We’ve really evolved and changed dramatically from where we started.”

In 1991, Moss began Crimcheck to provide investigative and security consulting services to businesses. With the help of his brother, a basement phone line and $100, Moss got out his name by making cold calls to area companies, slowly but surely building a sizable business.

But the advent of the Internet changed how Moss’ company operated. “Our main marketing thrust was word of mouth and the Yellow Pages,” he recalls. “But around ’97 or ’98, just as the Internet started to become a viable marketing venue, we started to see a real decline.”

When his employees recommended the company set up a web site to attract potential business, Moss was skeptical. “I thought the Internet was a fad,” Moss laughs. “Good thing I was outvoted.”

After setting up Crimcheck online, Moss quickly saw an opportunity. He realized the company could leverage the speed of the Internet to conduct faster and more efficient background checks — previously an important aspect of the business, but not its main focus. But the company’s willingness to adapt its business strategy paid off.

“We divested ourselves really of any of the investigative services around 2000 and started focusing only on background screening with a small amount of investigative services — sort of a value-added service for our customers,” Moss says.

Today, Crimcheck is almost entirely Web based. With three Internet sites and 25 employees operating from its Berea headquarters, the company has seen its sales grow into the $1 million-to-$4 million revenue category. And because CrimCheck took its business online relatively early, the company now has a strategic advantage over the competition.

“We were lucky to get in at such a time because search engine rankings, the algorithms Google uses for example, are such that they’re based on how long you’ve been on the Web,” he says.

Crimcheck, the company’s main site, offers business-to-business background checks. Two additional sites, and, offer business-to-consumer background checks and high-end consulting services, respectively.

Moss continues to keep his business up to date to weather any dramatic shifts in the industry from year to year. “The industry has really gone from providers having expertise in law enforcement and security to providers having expertise in human resource disciplines,” Moss says. “A lot of competitors dropped out, people who couldn’t stay abreast of technology.”

Today, the company is working to assemble a sales team to expand business. With a struggling economy, Moss says employers are even more careful about their hires and more likely to want thorough background checks. “In this time, you have to be sure you’re hiring the right people.”