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Background Checks in the Oil and Gas Industry

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The Oil and Gas Industry and providers that support this industry are facing global challenges in hiring and retention. Entry level positions are often difficult to fill and higher education programs that specialize in industry education graduating enough talent to fill the demand. Finding, managing and retaining talent is becoming increasingly difficult. The number of individuals employed in the Oil and Gas industry is expected to increase 13% over the next five years in the US and Canada alone. Additionally, by 2020, one industry expert expects the Oil/Gas Industries to have created 1.3 million new positions.

In order to facilitate the quick onboarding of potential new hires, companies will have to be prepared with a streamlined, efficient hiring process. Competition for talent has never been greater. There is a need to screen employees with an accurate product, but also quickly and efficiently.

  • Recommended Testing Protocols
  • Sectors and Job Positions Where Background Screening is Recommended

Recommended Testing Protocols Positive drug tests for amphetamines and oxycodone are on the rise for workers who are federally mandated to be tested for drugs. Quest Diagnostics, which conducts such tests, found oxycodone in 3.1 percent of positive tests in 2011, up from 2.7 in 2009. Workers are more likely to abuse drugs if they suffer injuries on the job and have received prescription pain relievers.

  • Social Security Trace
  • Criminal Records Search
  • Sex Offender Search • Drug Testing
  • Driving Records
  • DOT Compliant Employment Check – if applicable
  • Professional License Verification
  • Education and Employment Verification

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