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Child Care License Verification

Below is a list of every states child care locaters. Most states require licensing and background checks, but some do not. Be very careful when choosing child care providers and you should always do a separate independent background check on facilities and employees when trusting them with your children. The below list is not meant as a completely comprehensive guide nor does Crimcheck endorse any of the agencies listed. Use common sense and always be careful when it comes to your children or loved ones.



Child day care centers in Alabama legally operate in one of two ways: Licensed or license exempt. All centers that require a license must be licensed by the Department of Human Resources and renewed every two years.

Alaska Child Care

Licensed child care providers/facilities are those facilities that possess a current license, issued by the Department of Health & Social Services or the Municipality of Anchorage, to operate a child care facility in the State of Alaska.

Connecticut Child Care

Connecticut has a list on their website via a PDF file. The accuracy of this list is time-limited. New facilities are continually being licensed, others voluntarily close or change, and some may be closed by the Department of Public Health in order to protect the health, safety and welfare of children.

Delaware Child Care

The AccessCare Child Care Referral Service is free to all Delaware residents. It is made possible, in part, with grants from Delaware Health and Social Services’ Division of Social Services and State of Delaware Grant-In-Aid.

Florida Child Care

The child care licensing program is a component of the services provided by Department of Children and Families. This program is accountable for the statewide licensure of Florida’s child care facilities, specialized child care facilities for the care of mildly ill children, large family child care homes and licensure or registration of family day care homes.

Idaho Child Care

IdahoSTARS has a child care referral database to help you find quality child care. The provide information about child care centers, family child care, preschools and school-age programs in Idaho.

Indiana Child Care

Indiana’s website has plenty of information for parents as well as for child care providers. Indiana has chosen to implement a voluntary Quality Rating System that builds on a home grown model. All regulated child care providers have the opportunity to participate.

Iowa Child Care

The Department of Human Services works with five Child Care Resource and Referral (CCR&R) agencies around the state to provide parents with information and referral services in finding quality child care. Each agency serves a different geographic area of Iowa.

Kansas Child Care

You can either visit the site above or call 877-678-2548 Monday through Friday during the hours of 8:00 to 5:00 pm (Central time) to speak with a trained phone specialist ready to help.

Maine Child Care provides parents and guardians with a means to make informed decisions about the placement of their children in licensed facilities.

Steps to Choosing Child Care is another resource that can be used to aid parents in their search for quality child care that best suits their needs. Currently, Maine has 2,466 licensed facilities and requires anyone caring for more than two children to be licensed.

Minnesota Child Care

This website includes the most frequently requested public information maintained by the Licensing Division. You can search for information about a licensed provider by name, license number, program type, county, ZIP code or city.

Mississippi Child Care

On this site you can search for child care by county. They also have some tips about picking a provider.


Nebraska Child Care

Nebraska’s website provides license searches for all types of businesses so you have to be a bit specific when searching.

New Hampshire Child Care

The above link is a PDF file that lists all of the licensed child care centers. You can also call 1-877-667-9845 and ask for help finding a licensed facility.

New York Child Care

This site’s search engine will allow you to look up a specific provider by name, or all the providers in a particular county or zip code. It also lets you search by different types of care, such as family day care or day care centers.

North Carolina Child Care

North Carolina’s site offers plenty of information for parents and facilities alike. NC uses a star rating system and can also provide you with infractions against a particular child care business.

Ohio Child Care

On Ohio’s site you can search by numerous criteria including geographic location and whether or not the child care facility takes toddlers or other age groups.

Oklahoma Child Care

On Oklahoma’s site, you can search by child’s age, geographic location, and whether or not the provider has transportation. They also have a handy guide to help you assess a facility.

Oregon Child Care

Oregon’s website has information on vaccinations, helping with child care costs, and general tips for parents.

Pennsylvania Child Care

Child care providers who are certified or registered by the state meet basic health and safety requirements. The state inspects these providers for compliance.

Call (787) 724-7532 or (787) 724-7534 for help finding child care in Puerto Rico.

South Dakota Child Care

If you want to find a licensed child care provider you must fill out a form and request a list.  You can also call 1-800-227-3020 for assistance.

Texas Child Care

Most of the information on this site is up to date but they do recommend that you double check results. They provide info on home or center based agencies and there is a FAQ section.

Vermont Child Care

On this website you’ll find up-to-date information about local child care options, every registered home care provider, and every licensed center or school age care program in Vermont.

Virgin Islands Child Care

(340) 774-1166 – Call the above number for help finding child care in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

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