Criminal Background Check and Workplace Safety

Criminal Background Check and Workplace Safety

Ensure a Safe Work Environment Through Qualified Employees

One of the best ways to ensure a safe work environment for you employees is to hire only qualified employees. One of the leading causes of employee injuries caused by other employees is when an employer hires an employee that they do not truly know. The only way to truly know an employee is to conduct a full background check prior to hiring them. An essential part of any pre-employment background check is the criminal background check.

Criminal Background Checks Increase Workplace Safety

A criminal background check is a simple and convenient tool to use to ensure you hire safe and trustworthy employees. Although most job applications require an applicant to list their criminal background, often times the applicant is not completely honest. Without a criminal background check, there is nothing to prevent an applicant from fabricating their criminal history. A criminal background check will not only check to see if an applicant is being honest about their criminal history, it will let you make hiring decisions that will increase your company’s workplace safety. Without conducting a criminal background check, you risk hiring an employee with a history of assault and other physical crimes. Such a criminal background is indicative of the personality of the applicant. If they have a history of violent behavior and harming others, chances are this same behavior will be exhibited as an employee, which could put you and your other employees at risk. More so, if an employee is injured by the intentional acts of another employee and you failed to perform a proper criminal background check before hiring them, you may be held liable for negligent hiring.

The Best Way to Perform a Criminal Background Check

The best way to conduct a criminal background check is to utilize the services of a professional criminal background check company. Using the services of a criminal background check company will give you access to a criminal background check system capable of searching numerous criminal record-related databases. Most criminal background check systems are now online. To begin the criminal background check, you simply enter such information as the applicant’s name, address, date of birth and social security number. Once this information is entered, the criminal background check will survey the criminal record information maintained by various states, cities, federal government and private businesses. When surveying the databases, the criminal record check looks for any matches between the entered information and the information contained in the databases. After the search is complete, the criminal background check will provide you with a report listing any criminal record matches made to the applicant’s entered information.

Knowledge is Power

With the detailed information provided to you from the criminal background check, you will be able to make an informed hiring decision. For instance, you will be able to confirm whether or not the applicant is being honest on their application. If the applicant is dishonest about their criminal history, chances are they will not be the best fit for you business needs. Further, the criminal background check will allow you to evaluate the applicant as to whether or not hiring them will have an effect on the overall safety of your business.

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