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Employment Background Screening and the Fair Credit Reporting Act

What’s in the eBook?

  • History of the FCRA
  • Employer Responsibilities
  • Before Obtaining a Background Check Report
    • Agreement to comply with the FCRA
    • Notice and Authorization to the Applicant
    • Permissible Purpose
  • The Background Check Report – What Information Can Be Included?
    • FCRA Time Limits
    • Criminal Convictions
    • State FCRA Laws
  • Employer Response to Background Report Information
    • Pre-Adverse Action
    • Adverse Action
    • Disposal of Background Check Reports
    • Scope of the Fair Credit Reporting Act
  • State Specific FCRA Laws
  • Additional Considerations when Screening: EEOC Guidelines
  • FCRA Terms and Definitions
  • The Bottom Line: Quick Guide to FCRA Compliance


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