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Employment Screening for the Construction Industry

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The construction industry is under constant demand to fill positions quickly and at the same time, deal with high turnover. Performing background checks for employees is especially crucial to reduce turnover by hiring the right employee in the first place. A reliable screening program can decrease the risk of hiring an unreliable employee, reduce turnover, and help to maintain a safe workplace. By supplementing OSHA standards with FCRA compliant background check procedures, your company can increase performance, safety record and productivity. Crimcheck understands the challenges that face the construction industry.

  • Recommended Services
  • Safety
  • Site Security
  • Regulatory and Government Requirements
  • Contractors
  • Applicant Link and Applicant Pay
  • Drug Testing
  • Construction’s “Fatal Four”
  • OSHA Standard Violations

Crimcheck Understands the Challenges that Face the Construction Industry


Studies show that over 50 percent of on-the-job accidents are related to drug abuse (National Council on Compensation Insurance). Drug testing and a safe workplace program are shown to increase safety, improve attendance and minimize incidents of accidents.

Site Security

Expensive Equipment, personal property and proprietary information are all valuable assets at a job site or manufacturing facility. Find out if your applicant has a recent history of theft convictions before you place them on a job site or in a position with access to valuable assets.

Regulatory and Government Requirements

Let Crimcheck help you to comply with regulatory requirements set forth by the Occupations Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the National Institute for Occupations Safety and Health (NIOSH).

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