How To Perform Effective Employee Drug Testing

How To Perform Effective Employee Drug Testing

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Drug Testing Promotes a Safe Workplace

An essential step in creating and maintaining a safe workplace environment is to implement a drug free workplace policy. A drug free workplace policy is a written employment policy that clearly states the expectations of the company that all employees remain drug and alcohol free. The mixing of drugs and alcohol with work can be the cause of a variety of damages, including personal and financial injury. In order to enforce the company’s drug free workplace policy, employee drug testing must be conducted.

Implement a Drug Testing Policy

Employee drug testing is a complicated subject. Not only are there numerous methods of performing effective employee drug testing, there are also many laws that regulate the use of employee drug testing. The first step in implementing an employee drug testing policy is to evaluate and determine what your company’s exact employee drugs testing needs are. To do this, determine what your business’ drug abuse risk is. For example, if you have noticed a decrease in productivity or an increase in employee-caused accidents, you will want to focus your employee drug testing protocol on solving these problems. In these situations, using random employee drug testing may be your best option.

Understand State and Federal Drug Testing Laws

The second step in implementing an employee drug testing policy to understand the applicable law relating to employee drug testing. Depending on the state your company is in and the type of work your company does, various state and federal laws may effect how employee drug testing can be done. Since the area of employee drug testing and employee privacy rights is a rapidly evolving area of the law, it is highly recommended you seek the professional legal advice of a qualified attorney who can help you understand how to set up a legal employee drug testing program.

Determine the Best Method for Performing Drug Testing

Once you know what your employee drug testing need is and what the relevant employee drug testing laws are, the third step is to decide what type of employee drug testing system you want to implement. There are many different methods of performing employee drug testing and each have their own individual advantages and disadvantages. For example, your company can chose between using random employee drug testing or regularly scheduled employee drug testing. Further, employee drug testing, whether random or scheduled, can be performed using a variety of different procedures. For example, you can use urine, saliva, sweat or hair samples for employee drug testing.

Seek Professional Guidance in Your Testing

Usually employee drug testing is only valid if performed by a medical professional. Therefore, it is highly advised that your company hire a professional employee drug testing business to perform all of your employee drug testing needs. Such companies as Background Network can coordinate professional testing labs, medical review professionals and accurate reports to ensure your employee drug testing is done efficiently and effectively. Using a nationwide network of OSHA, ODAT and NODA compliant drug testing labs, a national network of collection sites, and pre-employment physical examinations, a professional employee drug testing company will get you the employee drug testing information and services you need to ensure you operate a drug free and safe workplace.

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