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How to Spot a Fake Diploma

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In the HR world, it is pretty common practice to verify an applicant’s educational credentials. Most of the time, the candidate has actually earned the degree they have listed on their resume, but in our industry we see more than our fair share of fake diplomas. Many of these fake documents come from what are known as ‘degree mills’ or ‘diploma mills’.

Diploma mills and degree mills are terms that are used pretty interchangeably, but yes, there is a difference between the two of them. A diploma mill issues fake diplomas from a real college and a degree mill issues a diploma from a fictitious college or university.

  • Statistics
  • Higher Education Accreditation
  • Red Flags that May Indicate Fraud

Crimcheck will verify:

  • Institution attended
  • Date of graduation/dates of attendance
  • Diploma earned
  • Major

Don’t let your brand suffer from embarrassment when an educational verification
is so simple and cost effective.

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