Crimcheck does NOT endorse nor recommend using Net Detective software. Below is a rebuttal of statements made regarding the software. Crimcheck does offer high quality, FCRA compliant background checks, reference checks, criminal checks, education background checksemployment history and other related services.

You have all seen the ads for super secret sleuth software. What is it and what does it do? First let’s look at some of the claims it makes. Then you can determine for yourself “The Truth About Net Detective.”

Find info on anyone, your boss your neighbor or friends!

This is just not the case. The software itself does not do this. It provides links to search engines and public record sites where you have to do the searching yourself. In many cases these links are outdated or have erroneous information. If there is no information available online about any of these people then you are out of luck.

Used by hundreds of law enforcement agencies!

I have been involved in law enforcement a long time and I do not know one single agency or officer that uses this software. Again, the software is just basically a bunch of links that anyone with half a brain and a good search engine can find.

You will be able to do thorough and complete online investigations on yourself and almost anyone.

False! While it is true that you can check out some people online you are never ever going to get a “thorough” investigation in this manner.

You will very quickly become an expert Internet detective.

First of all there is no such legitimate designation as “Internet Detective”. Second, it takes years and years to be able to effectively investigate someone. Regardless of if it’s on the internet or in real life.

Endorsed by the national association of independent private investigators

Who? I personally know hundreds of private investigators and not of them has heard of this organization. It certainly is not a legitimate organization that holds any weight with the investigators I know.

The claims go on and on. There is even a quote by a private investigator out of Minnesota. “As a private investigator with over 22 years experience, I was very surprised to discover what a great asset Net Detective is for our business. We can now locate hard to find information in minutes that used to take hours or even days.” This quote was supposedly made by a Robert J. Carlson out of St. Paul. So far I have had no luck in contacting him. I checked with the licensing board for Minnesota private investigators and there is no Robert J. Carlson listed in their database. The bottom line on these types of software packages is this. Save your money, go to our public records page and find the person you are looking for, free. You will find just as much information if not more using common sense than you will with these products.