Background Checks are Mandatory in Many Fields of Employment

In today’s employment world, conducting such pre-employment screening measures as a criminal background check is a routine segment of the hiring process. In many fields of employment, such checks are mandatory. Even if they are not mandatory, criminal history checks are highly recommended in that they are an excellent tool that can be used to both prevent fraud and to ensure only the best and most qualified applicants are hired.

Employment Screening of Daycare Providers is Required

In the employment field of daycare providers, conducting a criminal background check is mandatory. Many states have passed laws requiring all applicants to pass a full criminal history check before being hired to work in a daycare setting. The purpose of such intense background checks is to ensure the safety of the children staying at the daycare center. Unfortunately, a basic criminal background check is not enough to protect the daycare from hiring the most potentially dangerous criminals of all: sex offenders.

Perform Sex Offender Searches Pre-Employed Daycare Providers

Despite the plethora of rules and regulations pertaining to registering and tracking the location of sex offenders, sex offenders are easily able to slip between the cracks. One of the main reasons for this flaw in the system is that each city and state have their own rules and laws relating to registering sex offenders and restricting where a registered sex offender can or cannot reside and work. Just because one is registered as a sex offender in State A does not mean they cannot move to State B and avoid being listed as a registered sex offender. Thus, your initial background check may not list that the applicant is a registered sex offender in State A when they apply for a job at your daycare located in State B.

Perform Your Check Nationwide

This inherent problem with the coordination of the various sex offender registries across jurisdictions makes it easy for a registered sex offender to become an employee at your daycare center. Needless to say, such a hiring error could put the children your daycare center serves in danger, along with placing your business’ viability at risk. In order to fill in this gap and prevent yourself from hiring a registered sex offender, you need to utilize a sex offender search.

Rely on Crimcheck to Perform Your Sex Offender Search

A sex offender search is an essential pre-employment screening tool for any daycare center that is in the process of hiring new providers. A sex offender search is a simple and convenient method you can use to ensure your daycare provides the safest environment for the children and families it serves. Using a professional background company to conduct a sex offender search allows you to search multiple databases and registries that may contain sex offender registry information. A sex offender search company gives you access to numerous sex offender registry databases, such as those maintained by various states, municipalities, the federal government, and even private corporations. By simply entering such information as the individual’s name, address, date of birth or social security number, the sex offender search will survey all of these databases, pulling out any information pertaining to the applicant relating to any sex-related offenses or any official registrations as a sex offender. From the information gathered by the sex offender search, you will know whether or not the person applying for a job at your daycare center is truly qualified to work with the children you serve.