Education Verification

Education Verification

Processing education verifications ensures that an applicant’s listed information is true and correct. With so many job openings and so few candidates, it is imperative that you place the right people in the right job the first time.  If a candidate will fabricate educational history, what other skills are they misrepresenting on their resume?

Crimcheck’s education verification service is used to confirm what schools an applicant attended.  For colleges, Crimcheck will verify the duration of attendance and if the applicant was issued a degree or diploma.  Crimcheck can also verify if the applicant graduated high school or virtually any trade school in the country.

For Education Verification Crimcheck will verify:

  • Institution attended
  • Date of graduation/dates of attendance
  • Diploma earned
  • Major

Many post-secondary schools use special websites to house their education records, rather than releasing the information themselves.  To use such websites, companies need to have a subscription or use a third-party verifier, like Crimcheck.

Even with sources, such as the National Student Clearinghouse to verify post-secondary education, many institutions, such as Harvard and Yale, require human to human contact to verify education.  Further, the majority of high schools still require an individual calling the school system to verify graduation.  Crimcheck knows and understands this process.  Our in-house verifiers will continue to pursue education verification as long as it takes to get an answer.

With today’s use of photoshop and other online technology, relying on a copy of a diploma for verification cannot be trusted. You still need to verify that your applicant actually earned that diploma.  Degrees can be bought on line, photoshopped or altered so easily it is important to have someone check to confirm a degree was earned.

If you would like more information about education verification, contact Crimcheck.

Education Verification

Do Employers Check Your Education Background?

The short answer is, it depends. It depends on if the position you are applying for requires a certain level of education. There are many companies that require college degrees based on the position you are applying for. If the company states that you need a degree to apply for that particular job then chances are good they will verify your education background.

What do you check when verifying education?

Again, this depends on the company requesting the information. At very minimum they are going to check and see if you actually attended and graduated with a degree from the college or university you stated on your resume’ or application. Some companies will also want to know dates attended, what you majored or minored in and if there were any disciplinary actions taken against you. Be sure that you are truthful and accurate when listing your educational background. It may be the difference between getting the job or not. 

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