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Employment History Background Check

Before hiring anyone, it is critical to verify their employment history. Employment history verification is important for determining a candidate’s experience, qualifications and integrity.

Employment history verification is essential because any claims made in a résumé or on a job application sometimes cannot be taken at face value. Applicants sometimes misrepresent, exaggerate or tell outright lies in their job history.

The following statistics perfectly illustrate employment history verification importance:

Of job candidates include false information in their résumés
Of applicants lie about their employment (previous or current)
Of résumés contain incorrect employment dates
Of résumés contain exaggerated salary info
Have exaggerated job descriptions
Have exaggerated job descriptions
  • 54% of job candidates include false information in their résumés
  • 34% of applicants lie about their employment (previous or current)
  • 30% of résumés contain incorrect employment dates
  • 40% of résumés contain exaggerated salary info
  • 30% have exaggerated job descriptions
  • 27% of candidates provide false references

The bottom line is that candidates sometimes lie in their résumés. Therefore, in order to hire the right candidate, employers need to verify any employment claims. This is where we come in.

Our ultimate goal is to help you hire the best person for the job. This is precisely why we offer our employment verification service. This service is essential for cross checking any employment history included by candidates.

What Comes With Our Employment History Verifications?

The employment history verification involves fact-checking the employment records provided by the job candidate. This includes:

  • Employment dates (i.e. start and stop)
  • Job titles

These are the standard inquiries we make for each employment verification in each background screening. Even then, there are certain industries which require more in depth inquiries. A case in point is the US Department of Transportation (DOT). In such cases, we conduct detailed inquiries in line with the industry standards.

How Are the Employment History Verifications Carried Out?

Our background check for employment history verifications are carried out by our experienced team of experts. Each verification is processed using a thorough investigative process aimed at verifying applicant’s information using our in house investigators.

Our employment verification doesn’t rely on automated verifications or hands-off approaches like faxes and telephone calls. We establish direct contact with the employer, verify their authenticity and then ascertain the veracity of an applicant’s claims.

The reason for this approach is the rising incidences of applicant fraud. This includes company names, job titles, salaries, and employment dates. Unless carefully investigated, such fraudsters can pass for real applicants.

Tips For Avoiding Résumé Fraud

Hiring a top-notch employment verification service is critical for combating lies on a résumé. Each employer also needs to play their part.

Background Screening Do’s And Don’ts For Staffing Companies (or any industry)

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Here are some tips which can be used to identify résumé fraud:

  • Conduct a detailed review of the résumé. Look out for any sudden changes in job responsibilities and unexplained employment gaps. Also, look out for inconsistencies between what was said in the cover letter, and the résumé contents.
  • Ask tough and technical questions during the interview. A good questioning strategy is to ask for specific dates. These can be verified later.
  • Conduct interviews which can test for the job specific skills which the applicants claim to possess in their résumé.
  • These tips, when combined with authenticating the job history using an employment verification service, can enable you to avoid résumé fraud. The ultimate result is that those hired will be the best choice for the job.

What Are Some Key Employment Verification Terms?

During the employment verification hiring process, there are certain terminologies which employers typically come across. To avoid any confusion, here is a definition of the most common jargon.

Employment Verification. This confirms an individual’s past employment and work history in terms of job title, employment dates, eligibility for rehire and duties.

Résumé Fraud. This is where an applicant deliberately falsified the information on their résumé. They can do this by stretching employment dates, exaggerating their salaries, lying about their responsibilities and inserting false references.

Reference Shield Laws. These are laws which protect employers who share factual information about their previous employees. These laws exist to limit liability in case former employees decide to sue.

W2 Form. Employers send this form annually to the IRS, detailing each employee’s earnings and the amount withheld in taxes. The W2 form is the best indicator of an employee’s past employment.

Work Number. This is a third-party verification service used by employers to house employment records. The Work Number is a database used by organizations to store employment and income information. This database can be queried to provide information for employment verification.

DD Form 214. This is issued by the US Army whenever a military service member retires, separates or is discharged from active duty. It is the evidence which shows previous military service since US army bases do not keep records on former soldiers. The DD Form 214 is used to verify previous military service.

DOT EmploymentDOT employment verification cross-checks information with the US Department of Transportation. This verification usually involves aspects of the candidate’s driving history i.e. type of driver, type of driving and DOT reportable accidents, among others.

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