Frequently Asked Pre-Employment Screening Questions

Frequently Asked Pre-Employment Screening Questions

How do I know that my information will stay safe and will not be shared or sold to other companies or people?

Crimcheck is committed to protecting your privacy.  All of the information collected from an applicant is securely stored on our highly secure servers.  Please visit our Privacy Policy for additional information.

How far back does your background check go?

Crimcheck is an FCRA compliant background screening company.  We typically provide a 7 year scope for criminal and civil records.  While many states allow a background screening company to check further, there are 14 states that do not allow for that, so Crimcheck uses the most restrictive laws.  If you require information to go back further, please call our offices to discuss.

Can I find out if I have a warrant?

Crimcheck conducts background checks for employment purposes.

Can I find out if someone was ever arrested?

A criminal record check will show if charges have been filed and are pending a disposition or if a case has been dismissed and if a conviction exists for that individual. A basic component of any background check will include a criminal record check. The existence of a court record is usually a good indicator of course that an arrest was initiated before charges were filed. Sometimes, however, charges can be filed without a prior physical arrest. Arrest records and/or police reports are not necessarily public records. Police may chose to keep these private especially if there is an ongoing investigation.

How far back does a Motor Vehicle Report go?

Crimcheck obtains a 3 year driving record history for employment purposes.  Insurance companies can retrieve records further back, but the general practice for employment screening purposes is 3 years.

Can criminal records be accessed by Social Security Number?

The short answer is no.  Since criminal records are public record, courts typically do not provide the social security number of the applicant on the record.  The main identifiers on a criminal record are name and date of birth.  In very rare instances, some jurisdictions allow for the last 4 digits of the social security number to be verified.

Where does the information on my Social Security Trace come from?

We utilize a proprietary third party database to access social security traces.  This data comes from various sources such as credit headers, mailing lists, residential history lists and other non-government sources.  Since these sources are non-governmental databases, there are chances that erroneous data could be a part of your record.  

What is a National Criminal Database?

A National Criminal Database is a collection of criminal records from various repositories.  These sources can include state and local court records, department of corrections, sex offender registries, and various state repositories.  This database is by no means a complete list of criminal records from courthouses.  There are several states that do not sell their criminal records, so this check should be used in conjunction with other criminal records checks.

Can I get a copy of my background report?

Yes.  The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) is the law that protects consumers with respect to background checks.  You should have signed a consent form allowing your potential employer to run a background check and within that consent form you are told your rights under the FCRA, one of which is receiving a copy. 

Are juvenile records public record?

No.  Juvenile records adjudicated in a juvenile court are not open to the public.  However, if a juvenile is found guilty in an adult court, those records may be public and could be used in a background check for employment.

What type of background check package should I choose?

Select your industry from the drop down menu on our build your solution page. Our system will then select a recommended package for the industry you choose. If your industry is not listed then choose other and select the services that most fit your needs. In each case click on the next step tab. You will be guided through the process and one of our “Real People” will contact you and walk you through the process, it’s that easy.

When submitting a request for an employment verification, what do I do if my candidate cannot remember the exact dates they were employed?

Have your candidate give a general time period, such as the month and year. Crimcheck will verify the dates and will produce a clear result if the days verified are within 30 days of the dates provided.

My candidate does not want their current employer to know they are looking for a job. How can I verify employment if this is the case?

Let the Crimcheck admin team know and we will not contact the employer. We would suggest having Crimcheck verify the employment after the candidate has turned in their notice.