Multi-Agency Global Sanctions Check

Multi-Agency Global Sanctions Check

globeCrimcheck makes it easy to screen your candidates against sanction lists from across the globe.

It can be intimidating and confusing trying to keep up with the burgeoning volume of industry sanction and watch lists available nationally and globally. While these lists are designed to keep you from hiring a flagged individual who can do harm to your business, you might be asking ‘where do I start?’.

Crimcheck will screen your candidates against the following sanction and debarred lists:

Terms to Know

Capital Market: Financial market where investors can buy and sell debt or equity backed securities long term.

Debarment: To exclude or forbid an individual or entity from doing something, having certain possessions, rights or practices

Exchange: A marketplace where securities and other financial instruments are traded.

Financial Market: Any marketplace where buyers and sellers participate in trading assets. The assets traded can include equities, bonds, currencies and derivatives.

Futures Market: An auction market where commodity/future contracts are bought and sold. These are to be delivered on a specific date in the future.

Sanction: Punishment for the noncompliance of a law or decree.

Securities and Exchange Commission: A government commission which regulates the securities market and protects investors.

Securities Market: An exchange where security trading is conducted by professional stockbrokers.

Security: A tradable asset of any kind.

Stock Market: A market where stocks and bonds are traded; stock markets promote fair and organized trading.

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